If you don’t believe in God, then shame on you!  He is our Father and loves us very much.  But He does not interfere in a person’s freedom of choice.  Freedom is a very bid deal to God.  When Lucifer put forth his incredibly evil plan to remove man’s freedom in an effort to save us all in the totally Satanic “No child left behind” plan, God kicked him out FOREVER, denied him a body, and most importantly removed his ability to repent.

Why ask God for help?

Who better to have on your team?  If God is on your team, it really doesn’t matter who isn’t.  And besides, He is your Father, wants to help you, and will if you ask.  Not demand.  He deserves respect.  And just like your mortal father, he may require you to prove yourself first.  But, you should be keeping His commandments already and living a life that is in harmony with success.  There isn’t space or time here to explain the advantages of living a charitable life, loving your neighbor, seeking truth and righteousness, or following the principles in the parable of the sower.  It simply is the best way to live.  Many books have been written and sermons preached about the laws of the universe and how you can attract the very things you seek by the way you live.

God created mankind.  He created CBD and other herbs to help the body heal itself.

When someone asks a silly question like “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”  The answer is very simple.  Life on earth is a test.  God does not interfere with a person’s free agency to do bad things because that would be as evil as forcing people to do good.  God is not evil and does not do evil things.

Is it the Best of times or the Worst of times?

When the people in Noah’s time were too evil to be allowed to live, God created a way for the not so wicked to escape the coming flood.  So for some it was bad times and for others it was good times.  In today’s times, some say we will have had seven years of prosperity during President Trump’s terms in office.  During the same time period, the severe homeless problem in all of the democrat controlled states show a different picture.  Declining profits for tobacco farmers in Kentucky left the bad times behind by switching to a crop that heals instead of kills.  Trump’s signing of the Farm Bill brought prosperity where there once was devastation.

When would a financial opportunity be considered a Godsend?

When the opportunity to start a business has a one time fee of only $20 and the sponsoring company provides the manufacturing, warehousing, legalities, laboratory processes, and even the distribution of the end product, allowing the new business owner to grow his or her business by word of mouth and providing weekly commissions to the new business owner designed to fund the business incubation process, with the consumable product being specifically designed by God to allow the body to heal itself in such a way that people described as a miracle.

This is life changing.  Not just the products, but the financial opportunity.  A stay at home mom is frustrated between working to pay for a third party to teach her children things which may be evil or teaching them true and correct principles herself by staying home and teaching them herself.  With Hempworx she can do the most important job on earth of raising her children correctly, while building an income stream that some people dare not even dream of.

A person in a wheelchair can become a millionaire.  No college degree required.  No matter what a person looks like, sounds like, smells like, or what size or what color, regardless of the language spoken, the playing field just got leveled.  In fact, the business can be largely automated to where a person can earn 5 or 6 figures a month and never even have to confront another person in person in order to do so.

I use the automated sales funnel that My Daily Choice provides for free to affiliates and the company does the selling for me.  I have been told that I may do better if I contacted my leads, but I can tell you for a fact that it is not required.  I have built a team that will continue to grow even if I was to quit.  Of the people that are curently active in my downline, I have not met a single one of them in person.  Sometimes I see my name on the Leaderboard which shows the top 100 each month.

Is there even a single legitimate reason to be poor?


Success is a choice.  And you are the one that decides.  You can feel sorry for yourself, try to get other people to feel sorry for you also, you can even make a sign from a cardboard box that says: I had difficulty and so now I beg for food.  Or, you can scrape up twenty bucks along with enough to make a product purchase and become an affiliate with Hempworx.  You can assemble a team of winners that together can help change the world.

If you are going to say something stupid like “I can’t afford it.”  then maybe that is why stepping in front of a moving train is on your mind.  I should say right now that I never recommend suicide.  While I do realize that there are people whose death would make the world a better place, I don’t believe that would be the case for a person that is simply too stupid to choose success over failure.

The United States military has determined that low IQ people have no place in the military.  Their belief is that anyone with an IQ below 84 (I might be wrong about the exact number) which is actually one in ten on planet earth, can not be trained to do anything which is of value. I disagree with this completely.

Low IQ people have to eat and drink just like everyone else.  So I can take a low IQ person and sponsor them in my downline and teach them how to send a steady flow of prospects to the automated sales funnel and in three to five years that person would be earning 5 figures a month that is passive income, generational, that can be inherited by their posterity forever and ever.  I may have to help them a bit in the beginning to afford advertising and such, but the amount would be less than welfare and food stamps and would not be degrading.

Of course this will never occur to government, or at least democrats.  They might just kill them before they are born and not have to deal with it.  Until they meet God at Judgement.

The goal of the deep state is to enslave humanity.  Totally opposite from God’s goal.  By funding programs whose purpose is diametrically opposed to the program’s name, they enslave by pretending to do good.  For instance, the Aid For Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) was stated to be a help to families, when in reality the mother had to kick the father out in order to get the money so it really was designed to break up families.

There is a war going on right now.  There are two sides.  Good and Evil.  This is one fight in which you do not want to be on the wrong side of.

God has provided a way for people to overcome the obstacles.  Success is a choice.  So are a lot of other things.

Take a moment to take the FREE Tour and see if this business is for you.  Aside from the miraculous properties of the products, the compensation plan is new and unique.  I will personally help you all that I can.

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