If you didn’t come in as an Executive, you need to purchase an executive pack as soon as you can.  You only have to qualify once and after that you only need to maintain 90 PV to keep your Executive status.  You basically buy this position and it is an important step.  I came in as a Builder and set about generating 30 or more leads per day.  I soon realized that I was leaving a lot of money on the table.  Generating 30 or more leads per day results in half a dozen or more pre-enrollees upgrading to affiliate.  I noticed that every month at least one affiliate started as an Executive.  The difference between 30% and 50% on 400BV was an extra $100.  Not counting the Builder and Director Jump Starts.  Get over a hundred extra bucks for the same amount of work.  A hundred bucks buys a lot of extra leads.  I don’t actually buy leads, but I do pay for advertising. 

I could pocket over a hundred extra bucks to buy more ads.  More money for the same amount of work. 

Once you’ve used your system for a few months, you can pretty well predict what particular amount of money, energy, or time you will have to put forth in order to obtain the result you want.  For me, I found that once I became an executive, I could spend $300 to get a return of $400 per month, not counting profit sharing.  I decided to put all of the money back into the business. 

Your results may vary, as may your tactics, but I decided to help first two and then two more for a total of four people on my first level that were breaking the $400 a month mark.

Once they are earning $400 per month and of course, each month grows because you also have your downline from last month.  Sometimes half of my downline doesn’t order the next month, whether because of hardship, Christmas, busy doing something else, or they just forgot, I don’t take it personal.

I sent every single one of my upgrades an email with my contact info, blog, phone, etc. and offered to help at any time.  I don’t bug people.  I am available 24/7 and if I can help, I will. 

Maybe they only buy every other month to keep costs down.  Everyone does not have an extra $300 or $400 available to finance a new business. 

You know what is really funny?  I mean really funny.  If I told people that I had a plan with virtually no possibility of failure that would take 4 or so years to get me to over a million dollars a year, but that I could recover 100% of my investment after only 90 days, although I would have to reinvest all profits until I was earning ten grand a month, which would be less than two years, no one would take me serious.  But I can tell you with 100% sincerity that this is what I have and that nearly anyone can do it.  It doesn’t require an educational degree or even the ability to speak eloquently.  It does require money every month and will die without it, although after only 90 or so days, you can recover your investment and get past the break even point  And at some point it becomes perpetual.


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