In the early days, Utah loved God.  The people had moved west in order to escape governmental persecution and settled the state as a refuge for the righteous.  Over the years some of the media like KSL and Deseret News began to worship Satan.  Some said they were changing with the times, while others realized that to every degree that the people were swayed from God, they were indoctrinated into Satanism.

In Genesis we read that when God created the plants and herbs, He said they were very good.  God knew that Big Pharma would attempt to poison people with drugs and that they would make God’s creations illegal in order to appease Satan.  So Utah followed suit when man decided to make God’s creations illegal.  This caused thousands of people to suffer a horrible death from cancer because man had made the cure illegal.  It was rather arrogant for man to make God’s creations illegal, but democrats and other satanists had been favored by Satan and had become wealthy and powerful.

Gradually it became apparent that cannabis had many powerful medicinal qualities including stopping the growth of cancer cells.  People began using it for diabetes, MS, cancer, autism, and many other ailments.  When literally more than a million people had proved the effectiveness of cannabis in their own clinical trials, it was obvious that the government was controlled by Satanists and that it would take someone like Trump to save the nation from the corrupt democrats.

Utah had long been a fence sitter.  On the one hand they pretended to serve God and on the other they worshiped Satan.  Even a retard could see that participating in faggot parades and making laws against God’s creations were Luciferian.  Utah even passed laws to force people to be killed when hit in the driver side door by a vehicle running a red light.  Utah believed that it was far better for people to be killed than to allow them to be safe from government persecution.   Soon people realized that Utah actually had a very deep hatred for God and began to call the government leaders hypocrites.

So in an efffort to prove that the state did not have a deep seated hatred for God, the state decided to allow testing of God’s creations to decide if they were any good.

Channel 4 reported

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) — The recent passing of HB130 legalized the study of cannabis oil.

It’s opened the door to research on the subject and potentially help combat the opioid epidemic.
A local health research company, Endo-C has launched a study of the use of cannabis oil in pill form to alleviate pain without the effects of THC.

It’s a personal cause for former Congressman Chris Cannon. His daughter died from breast cancer.

“She was in a lot of pain.”

The University of Utah said this:

And the Deseret News didn’t want to be seen as a satanists so they reported this:

The Salt Lake Tribune which has always been an anti-God paper reported this:

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