I was born with a bad skeleton.  Bone Dysplacia, defective joints, and club thumbs and feet.  I had both of my hip joints replaced which didn’t help me walk any better but it did relieve a whole lot of pain.  Still, I have severe arthritis in my shoulders.  They both need to be replaced also, but I haven’t found a year that I don’t have anything to do so I can recover from the surgery.  So I take pain medication.  I’ve been taking morphine and oxycodone for more than 20 years.

I discovered CBD Oil a little over a year ago and began taking a dropper under my tongue every day.  The main thing I noticed was that I no longer needed to take sleeping pills to sleep.  This in and of itself makes taking the cbd a worthwhile endeavor.  The pills the doctor gave me were an anti-depressant and I asked him why he would give me a mood altering drug and he said because it helps people sleep.  The sleep was good but what was it doing to my brain?

My doctor said that he would no longer be able to prescribe pain medication because the DEA was set to pull all of the medical licenses of any doctor that prescribed opiates, so I would need to go to a pain clinic.  The opiate crisis is a made up crisis that has zero truth in reality.  The truth is that the government wants more control over people’s lives and they are trying to find ways to put more people in jail.  The only people that are dying from opiates are the ones that take fentanyl, heroin, or some concoction that some drug dealer made in his garage.  Pharmaceutical drugs are heavily regulated and the dosage is precisely what it claims to be and so no one ever takes too much because they know what the strength is.  Illicit drugs on the other hand vary widely in strength and so people quite often overdose and die.

So I go into the pain clinic and they give me a urine test and I have THC in my pee.  I have been taking cbd oil for over a year which is made from hemp and only contains up to three tenths of one percent THC and is declared by the FDA to be safe and legal in all 50 states.

So I ask the doctor why it is such a big deal since my previous doctor of several years was aware that I was taking the cbd and was fine with it.  He said that even though the Federal Government was okay with cbd oil made from hemp and that it was legal in all 50 states and that Trump signed the Farm Bill which removed it from the controlled substance list, that the State of Utah whose legislature had denied the voters the Proposition 2 Bill that they approved, which was an illegal act by the state legislature, had empty jail cells that they intended on filling somehow so that they could build more jails.

So I immediately ordered the CBD Oil that has zero THC so that I would be able to sleep and I would still be following the guidelines of the pain clinic.  It will still be a few more days before my zero THC cbd oil gets here and so I won’t be able to sleep this week.

Some people think that all of the government corruption is in Washington DC.  The corruption is far more widespread than that.  It is in every little and big town in the whole country.  This is why it is so important to attend your local city council and county commission meetings.

We must get back to the Constitution and the original intent of the Founding Fathers.  There was a time when socialists were killed for treason.  Today, they run for President.

This country, and in fact the entire world, is being divided between two factions; good and evil.  God created cbd and put cbd receptors in the body and fully expected us to use cbd.  The people that are against God’s creations are evil.

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