Leaders are not born

If you go into a nursery of newborns and try to pick out the leaders, you will likely be greatly mistaken.  Leaders started out the very same way that all of us did.  They had a desire to do more, to work more, to have more, and to enjoy more.  Most leaders did not become an overnight success.  Many spent years of trials and errors before coming across the desired result.

In Network Marketing, there is a vast array of earners from zero to millions.  Successful network marketers do it full time.  It may not take 40 hours a week, but this is what they do for a living.  Even if they have additional income streams.  When someone tells you that they only work an hour a week, they are being disingenuous.  If that is truly the amount of time they work, they are not successful.  Or they are on a massive downturn.

Building a successful network marketing business involves customer acquisition, affiliate recruitment, training, and a system of systems.  It takes multiple systems all working together to grow a large network.  Your leaders will rise to the top like cream.  But they will not work forever without positive results.  They must have a duplicateable system to follow.

Regardless of the method you use to obtain leads, you must use other support systems.  A blog is relatively free and can help train your new people.  You simply write articles about what you have learned and your people can read them without you having to make a hundred separate presentations.  Once you have a significant amount of content, Google will consider you an authority and send you traffic that are asking questions that Google believes you can answer.

You are not Elvis

It is not about you.  It is about having the tools to allow your team to grow.  You are not a babysitter.  Everyone tells their people that they will help them.  And they truly mean it.  But if you have a duplicateable system that works and the follow up tools, you do not need to hold anyone’s hand.

The system includes running people through the pipleline.  In all cases, 100% of the time, failure is the result of not running enough people through the pipeline.

Tim Sales lives less than 100 miles from me and I learn from his videos.  He became a millionaire in network marketing and then started his own venture.  His training videos are not specific to any one business.  They are applicable to all network marketing businesses.  Here is a recent one explaining the pipleline among other things:

Why are you doing this?

The opportunity to be free appeals to a lot of people.  Not having to check the price before making a purchase.  Being able to spend valuable time with your family.  Teaching your children correct principles that they will not learn in public school.  When your children ask you which Rock Group was started by ex-presidents, you can take them to Mount Rushmore to see for themselves.

You have to be self motivated.  Nobody should have to call you up or email you to urge you to look for more people that either want your products or the opportunity to be self reliant.  There is no ah ha moment when a person realizes they are a leader.  There is no massive paradigm shift.  It is a process.

If you are an affiliate of My Daily Choice, you already have the tools.  I will go into detail on many of them in upcoming blogs, but for now, take a look in your back office and see the multitude of help that is available for you right now for free.

When you have personally found just five leaders, you are a millionaire.  Keep that in mind as you add people to your sales funnel.  Even if it takes you a few years, it is worth it.

If you are not already a member of my team and would like to be, please take my FREE Tour and see if this business is for you.

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