Is the title bold enough?  Well, if anyone said that I can not guarantee success with Hempworx, I would have to say that person is mistaken.  If someone says that the work required is just too hard, I would respond with “It does take effort, but it is not difficult.”

Now admittedly, I am assuming that you are not in a coma.

Here are the actual steps required to crush it in Hempworx.  If you vary from the steps, your results will vary.

Step One.

You have to be an affiliate to participate in the My Daily Choice slash Hempworx Compensation Plan.  You can come in as a Builder, Director, or Executive.  For the purposes of this lesson, you will come in as an Executive.  Executive Packs range in price from $299 to $599 depending on which assortment of products you get.  You can earn the rank without purchasing an Executive Pack, but your commissions will be much high if you buy your Executive rank before you create the sales necessary to earn it.

Once you have achieved the rank of Executive, your monthly requirement to maintain that rank is only 90 BV (about $169).  This is a business.  Very low start-up cost.  If you are not willing to invest a mere $169 a month to achieve maximum commissions while you build your business, you can build at a lower rank, but your profits will suffer.

Step Two.

You do this step the same day as you do step one.  You call 5 of your friends and you ask them if they would be willing to change the place in which they purchase their coffee if it could help them earn 5 figures a month.  The coherent ones will answer yes.  Tell them that they can be earning 5 figures a month within just 6 months if they do what you tell them.  Explain that the possibility of failure does not exist as long as they follow your instructions.  Also explain that they will earn their money back the very first month, plus some extra.  Tell them about step one and explain that they have to commit to 6 months without quitting, if they want to earn the big money.

Step Three.

By doing step one and two, you have received a commission of $565.00 for the following reasons:  You earned $100 each on your 5 people and you earned $65 from a share in the Bonus Pool.  The Bonus Pool is available to those that sponsor 4 people in a month.  You get 2 shares if you sponsor 8 people and so on.  The Bonus Pool is comprised of 2% of the company volume for that month and varies slightly from month to month.

Note: MDC Executive Pack is 200 BV while Hempworx Executive Pack is 400 BV so the example in the above paragraph would actually be double if the Executive Pack they bought was the Hempworx 400 BV Executive Pack.  Therefore, you would earn $1,000.00 for Jump Start Bonus and around $65 for the Bonus Pool in your very first month in that case.

Now you must share your success with the 5 people that you sponsored so that they can earn more than all of their money back in their first month also.  Help them invite 5 of their friends each to do the same as they did.  This is called duplication.  It is the key element of success in Network Marketing.  Sponsoring does not mean duplicating.  You have not duplicated yourself until you have taught your first generation people to duplicate themselves.  Otherwise, your organization dies.

Step Four.

Now that the 5 people you sponsored have each more than recovered their entire investment in their very first month, you need to let all of them know that you are available for help if necessary.  If you sponsored another 5 coffee drinkers while your first 5 sponsored their first 5, you earn another thousand dollars your second month, your first 5 people each earn a thousand dollars their first month.  You now have 30 people in your network that buy products every month that you earn a commission on.

Step Five.

Your organization has grown.  You have 5 on your front line, 25 on your second level and the third level which is still in progress will produce 125 affiliates.  The second month in the business does not provide the same commissions as the first month.  The first month consists of Jump Start Bonuses which are intended to get people going that need the cash.  After the first month, the bonuses are paid on volume and your commission is based on your rank.  An Executive earns a 15% commission on his/her downline BV (Business Volume).  If you have 5 on your first level, 25 on your second level, and 125 on your third level that are all Executives, that would be 13, 950 BV in your downline.  Of course, there are several other bonuses you would qualify for also, including rank advancements.  You are now earning several thousand dollars per month.

Step Six.

You now have a very healthy downline.  You can now recruit 5 more people in your first line, if you haven’t already.  Generally, once you reach this point, you have people reaching out to you in order to participate.  Remember that in the example above you only personally sponsored 5 people your first month.

Many people do not drink coffee.  CBD Oil is probably the hottest product on earth right now.  So many people are trying to copy our efforts that even the gas stations are selling cbd.  Ours is the best and every bottle is certified.  You can view the actual third party test results of every single batch on the company web site.  Each bottle has a batch or lot number for verification.  CBD is changing lives.  Of course we have a variety of products that make it easy to choose a monthly purchase.

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