Times are changing and we have to change with them.  I have a friend that became a millionaire selling long distance when the bell companies were broken up.  If you are under 30, you may not even know what long distance was.  If you don’t adapt, you can get left behind.

Imagine for a moment, how easy it is to sell a thousand units a day of something if you have an email list of just 100 thousand.  If you send out an ad offering green widgets for only $29.99 only 1% response would give you your thousand sales.  Tomorrow, you send an email to the same list with a different offer that a different 1% will be interested in.  Many people have become multi-millionaires with an email list.

You already have a list, now grow it

If you have been working My Daily Choice for any length of time, you already have a list of leads.  I have over 30,000 thousand just from Craigslist alone.  I have around 70,000 from My Lead Generation Secret, as well.  In fact, over the years I have collected a large number of leads.  My guess is that you have also.  My most important list of leads is my list of affiliates in My Daily Choice.  These people have already seen the opportunity, became an affiliate, and purchased products.  Some of them have recruited additional affiliates of their own.

What I learned

A few months back, I began emailing my affiliates information that I thought may help them to build their business.  By the following month, my business had tripled.  This proved to me that communication with your people is important and necessary.  I setup a system where I emailed a specific letter depending on how long people had been affiliate.  I maintained my volume without spending a lot of money on ads.  Then Gmail stopped delivering my bulk mail and they began going straight to the spam folder.  So I had to learn about how to get emails delivered without getting blocked or reported for spam.  I learned that email servers have to be trained and that there are specific settings that must be set properly in order to not be considered a spammer when sending hundreds of emails at a time.

So I tried a few so called mass mailing companies.  I got banned from one for participating in network marketing.  And from another which does not allow any home business at all.  I got banned from another for promoting CBD oil.  I finally found GetResponse, which I absolutely love.  My emails get delivered.  I have statistics available to me.  My list is self cleaning.  As new people subscribe from my blog, they are added to the list.  As people unsubscribe, they are removed.  Sweet!

Why a List beats a blog

Blogs are great!  They take a year or two to produce free leads, but my story is out there for anyone to read at anytime.  Problem is, I have no idea who read it and who did not.  So I have no way to know what additional information a person may need or want.  With my list, I know exactly who read it.  I also know who clicked on an internal link.

Obviously, I want my downline to have all of the information that I have.  Truthfully, I wish they knew even more than me.  That is why I make sure everyone knows about Tim Sales and Robert Hollis so they can learn directly from people that have not only become multi-millionaires them selves in network marketing, but have also trained many other people to do the same.

With a list, you can start out with one person.  When you get another affiliate, you add them to your list.  These people are your Tribe.  If they no longer want to get your emails, they unsubscribe.  So you always know how many people there are that want the information you send out.

How to get started in My Daily Choice

If you are not yet on my team and would like to be, simply go to: BestHome.Business and take my free tour.  My Daily Choice has several different brands to choose from.  You can even market them all.  By starting now, and growing your list, you can help hundreds or even thousands of people to become financially independent.

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