The banks are so powerful that they can actually create rules that have the effect of law.  For instance, PayPal closed my account because they did not approve of the merchandise that I sold.  Mostly prepper gear, self defense, storage food, knives, and security cameras.  Pretty nasty stuff in their eyes.  Some credit card companies actually refuse to process credit or debit cards for a store that sells guns that are protected by the second amendment.  The banks don’t pass a law, they simply make it extremely difficult for a business to get paid. Take Zions Bank for example, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of a church.  It’s practices and policies are patterned after the money changers that Jesus Christ threw out of the Temple.  I was charged $8 at Zions Bank as a fee for making a cash withdrawal from my MasterCard.  They also charge a fee to accept rolled coins.  Their excuse is that all of their employees only have a double digit IQ and can not be trusted to count and so they use a machine which never makes mistakes and the fee is to pay for the machine. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation owned by commercial banks.  The Federal Reserve is America’s central bank, this essentially means that America’s economy has been privatized. Congress outsourced the economy to the commercial banks back in 1913.  It all started innocently enough with JP Morgan bailing out the American government from bankruptcy and in return the banks received fiscal control over the money supply to ensure a stable economy going forward. But as the commercial banks business interests took over they quickly moved from a gold standard to a fractional gold reserve and by 1972 with Richard Nixon’s help they dropped gold from the equation all together which allowed for limitless lending.  Access to an unlimited amount of money to lend is really quite mind-blowing. It is in essence limitless power since money is power.  The pinnacle use of this power, to date, was accessed when the Federal Reserve bailed out the banks with quantitative easing and tarp money in the Great Recession of 2008-9. While the banks spent much of the past century consolidating their power, the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 emboldened them to accelerate their efforts. Since then, the key trends in the financial industry have been to dismantle regulation and defang those responsible for enforcing it, to manipulate market prices (an ambition tremendously helped by the rise of high-frequency trading algorithms), and to push downside risk onto “muppets” and taxpayers. Oh, and of course, this hasn’t hurt either: having the ability to print up trillions in thin-air money and then get first-at-the-trough access to it. Don’t forget, the Federal Reserve is made up of and run by — drum roll, please — the banks. How much ‘thin air’ money are we talking about? The Fed and the rest of the world’s central banking cartel has printed over $12 Trillion since the Great Recession. Between the ECB and the DOJ, nearly $200 Billion of additional liquidity has been — and continues to be — injected into world markets each month(!) since the beginning of 2016. Of course, in their effort to worship their one true God, Satan, they contribute hundreds of millions of dollars into the campaign funds of dedicated Disciples of Satan, otherwise known as democrats, socialists, Marxists, progressives, and traitors to God, Freedom, and this nation. According to the Huff and Puff,
Banks trade on temptation, a tool of the devil (if you believe in that sort of thing). They are evil. People get into debt head over heels because banks make it so easy to do so. Then the banks come along and act like these people who can’t or won’t pay their bills are the dregs of society. They sell loans to collectors, and collect loans themselves, and resell loans, each time tacking on charges and fees. So, if you started out with a $20,000 college loan it’s quite reasonable, in our society by and for the wealthy, that you could owe the lenders 400% in interest charges accumulated over the years. Can’t make your payments? No problem. The interest charges keep on coming. In fact, banks prefer it that way. More money for them. The government guarantees it.
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