It is a cold, cruel world we live in.  Tootie frootie snowflakes think somebody owes them something.  Democrats want money, but don’t want to work.  Retards think there should be a minimum wage. The fact is that we have a couple of generations that are financial idiots.  Democrats took over public education and socialism is taught instead of self reliance.  Teachers do not teach how to earn, keep and multiply money because they simply do not know how.  Teachers have never actually accomplished anything in their entire life except strike for more money.
Financial Security
In a normal world, husbands earn the money and wives raise the children and manage the home.  A woman marries a financial moron and needs money for diapers, clothes, doctor visits, books, toys, etc. and the whiney husband says “But dear, haven’t you heard?  Things are tough.  Trump is our president and I am doing the best I can but I refuse to do what it takes to be successful because I am a worthless piece of shit that wants somebody to give me something for free.” There are a few laws which are universal.  One is:  The more you give, the more you have to give.  Another is even a commandment from God:  Be fruitful and multiply. Any financial advisor can tell you how to save, be frugal, and have a million in cash in the bank when you are 40.  This plan works 100% of the time, having never failed in over a thousand years even a single time when faithfully followed and executed beginning at an early age.  An idiot can do it.  Race has nothing whatsoever to do with it.  Education has nothing whatsoever to do with it.  Stature has nothing to do with it.  You can do it from a wheelchair.  Then why doesn’t every single human on earth have a million in cash at age 40?  Because they didn’t do it. Now you are older and there isn’t enough time to save and invest like in the above example.  So what do I do now?  You have to have a plan and you have to work the plan.  Forget about blaming your troubles on someone else.  You are in charge of this rocket so get ready to launch.  Whose fault is everything wrong with your life?  Yours.  So quit being a pussy and get to work. Being fruitful and multiplying is a wonderful thing.  If you double a penny every day for a month, you have over a million dollars in cash.  You don’t have to start with a penny either, since on step 17 you have $1,310.72 you can start there and only have 10 steps left because you actually break a million in cash on step 27 with $1,342,177.28.  Some might say that is not possible and I would disagree.  Nothing is impossible.  Simply make a series of steps that double on each level.  Buy a car for a thousand and sell it for two.  Pretty easy on the smaller steps.  The bigger steps require something like real estate.  Someone gets divorced and they sell the house way cheap just to liquidate.  You are there and give them a measly $20 grand and take over the balance due on the mortgage and sell the house for a $167 thousand dollar profit which completes your 24th step.  You just have to start using the brain that God gave you for something besides a hat rack.   If each step takes a year, so what?  You don’t live on the money.  EVER.  You go hungry first.  If your husband wants a beer or cigarette, simply refer him to your divorce lawyer.  Keep the money in a trust and never let anyone take it from you. Well, you need money right now.  You better get a job.  Some kind of job.  You can get a better one later.  You can retire after that.  Did you know that you can not only double your money, but you can double your efforts?  So while you are giving so that you will have more to give, you help a mother discover how CBD oil helps stop seizures, stops cancer growth, relieves pain, helps autism and a thousand other things, and she is not only grateful, but she tells other people how happy she is now that her child is better.  So now, you not only have a customer, but she is going to go get some more.  Now instead of just you building your CBD business, you have multiplied your efforts and now there are two of you building it.  You get paid every week and you are glad for that.  The company provides link tracking and landing pages so you can send people to a web page and the company will sell them for you.  You can run an ad and send people to your web pages that sign up to become affiliates to help you build your business while you are asleep.  And you help them to build their business all that you can because that builds your own business. CBD Oil is a hot item right now.  Companies are scrambling to market their own.  Of course that takes time to start a farm so they buy from the same Hempworx which is owned by My Daily Choice which is where you can buy also, so why buy anywhere else?  My Daily Choice (MDC) has an incredible marketing concept like no other.  You earn money right away, get paid weekly, and there is no limit to how much you can earn.  Now the best part.  People only buy a month supply of CBD oil at a time.  So they buy again and again every month.  So every month you get paid every time someone in your downline buys product.  The company saves hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars every month and instead gives the money to you and other affiliates.  What a concept! Well, now that you have the answer to your question, you need to take a free tour of the business.  See your actual websites.  Learn how the business actually works.  Watch people come into your downline from the efforts of people in your upline. Then email me and find out how to add a super charger.

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