How important is Japan?

Did you know that there are 24 US military bases in Japan?

The Air Force has bases in Okinawa, Misawa, and Yokota inFussa, Japan.

The US Army has bases in Camp Zama, Torii Station and Fort Buckner in Okinawa, Japan.

While the US Marines are in Uruma, Camp Foster, Camp Fuji, Camp Hansen, Camp Kinsner, Camp Lester, Camp SD Butler,  Camp Schwab, Ginowan, Nishiki, Camp Gonsalves, Camp Mcturious, and Yontan Airfield.

And the US Navy has bases in Okinawa, Sasebo, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, and Misawa.

Opportunity is knocking

So for any of you that want to enter the International market and create a passive residual income that could finance your posterity into the next century, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

My Daily Choice is now available in Japan.  The Hempworx products are not approved for Japanese use as of yet, but here are the products that are currently shipping to Japan.

  • Mantra Essential Oils
  • Peak Spray
  • Boost Spray
  • Shield Spray
  • Trim365 Spray
  • Sleep Spray
  • Brain Spray
  • High Life Travel

When the cbd products are made available for Japanese use, you may already have an organization built that could skyrocket over night!

How to get started in Japan

If you have family members or friends that are currently stationed in Japan, you should refer them to this blog post.  Then you will want to send them to your official landing page so that they can become an affiliate.  If you do not already have a landing page to send them to, then you will need to become an affiliate first.  You can do that by visiting my landing page and taking the FREE Tour.

If the Japanese people that want to become affiliates do not speak English, you can send them to the Corporate page where they can choose which language they wish to read it in.

In the worldwide Network Marketing industry, Japan ranks number 5 on planet earth.

In 2017, Japan spent over $15.3 Billion dollars on network marketing products.  The Japanese love earning money as much as anyone else.

If you have the opportunity to share this opportunity with them and do not, you could be depriving a wonderful family from living the life of their dreams.

Starting a new line of affiliates in a new country is a big deal.  Five years from now someone in Japan may be saying that their life has dramatically improved because of some American that cared enough to share the opportunity.

Naturally, you will want to come in as an Executive rank if possible in order to maximize your commissions.

Incredible opportunities present themselves to all of us throughout our lives.  How many times have you said or thought “I wish I would have…” or “If I would have just seized the opportunity that was presented, then…”?

Sometimes people pray for an opportunity to bust out of their rut and God sends them one, but they are not wise enough to grasp it.

Imagine one day buying plane tickets to visit your downline in Japan.  Paid for by the profits that your downline made you.  Now is the time to prepare for this event.

If you are not already a member of my team of winners, please take a moment to take the FREE Tour and see if this business can be for you.

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