What is it that successful people do or have that ordinary folk lack?  We know for a fact some things that are not required for success, like size, shape, color, nationality, etc.  Many books have been written and many a successful person interviewed to determine this.  In perhaps every case, the answer is between the ears.  The determining factor is desire.

When a man is drowning, a bystander may say that the drowning person desires air.  When you want something as bad as a drowning man wants air, you will get it.  One hundred percent of the time.  Or die trying.

How bad do you want to go to the movies tonight?  The answer will determine whether or not you go.

Pretty much anyone can go to the oil fields and get a job with no experience that pays $20 an hour or so.  As this person gets experience, he may advance over time to double that amount.  So what makes a person go to McDonalds instead for a job that pays less than half that?  Every time you see a person earning less than $20 an hour, you have to realize that the job this person has is the job the person applied for and obtained.

See, people get what they want.  God said so.  Seek and ye shall find.  Ask a penny, get a penny.  Ask a dollar, get a dollar.  A girl outside a shopping plaza approached me and asked if I could help.  I asked her what she needed help with.  She said she was $20 short to get her prescription, could I help?  I gave her the twenty bucks.  If she had only asked for five, I would have only given her five.  You see, she desired twenty bucks and she got it.  If I hadn’t come through, she would have asked someone else until she did get it.

So, if I ask someone if they want to earn an extra five grand a month, one person might say “Hell no.”  Another might ask “Doing what?”  Yet another might say “Absolutely! Where do we start?”  Of course, a person on welfare might decide quickly that the end result will not be worth the effort.  When a democrat thinks a business owner should make the same as the janitor, that person is delusional and has no idea what the business owner had to go through to get where he is.  A doctor may study for eight years before earning a single penny at his profession.

If I could show you the steps necessary to earning $5,000 a month, would you be willing to put forth the effort necessary to make it so?  It can actually be done in a relatively short time.  For instance four years of college may not get you five grand a month, but network marketing can get you five grand a month in around three years if you really take it serious.

Just think, if you earn $10 each month on 500 people, that is your five grand right there.  It’s like having a store where you earn a ten dollar commission or profit on each sale and you make 500 sales a month.  Five hundred sales a month is not very many.  Ask any store owner.

The beauty about network marketing is that each customer is a repeat customer because the products are consumable.  For instance, let’s say you have a friend with MS, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, muscle pain, or other ailment that is helped by cbd oil.  That person is grateful when you share the product.  Your business grows by word of mouth.  Your friend tells his friend and she tells her friend, etc.  Pretty soon your customer base is growing.

You receive a commission on every sale that is made by any member of your team.  Keep in mind that you do not have to get 500 customers all by yourself.  You only need 500 all together.  And 500 is an arbitrary number.  You earn money if you only have one customer.  It just is more enjoyable when you have 500.  Suppose that you only found two customers yourself.  Those two did the same and so on.  Each person only got two new customers and trained them to each get two.  If that is all you ever did in your whole life, you would have your 2 customers, and their 2 each is 4 more for a total of six.  The third level gets 8 more for a total of 14.  Your seventh level is over 500 people.  And nobody got more than 2 new customers.

How long will it take?  If each level gets their two people in a week, it will take 7 weeks.  If each level take a month, it will take 7 months.  If each level takes a year, it will take 7 years.

So really, all you have to do is decide how long it is going to take you to get 2 people that will get 2 people.  Naturally, you do not have to stop at two.  After you get yours, you help your people get theirs.

You don’t need a college degree or a lot of money.  The only thing you need is desire.  You can start, right here.



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