How many people do you know that complain that they can not or did not succeed, when they did not even begin?  Imagine a new business with incredibly high hopes and they complain about not having any customers when they did not ever open the doors for business.

A woman told me one day that she was sick of hearing about network marketing and did not ever want to be associated with it again.  I ask her if she had ever actually tried it?  She said Yes, and failed miserably.  I ask her what the product was and she said weight loss.  Since I know several people that do well with a weight loss program, I asked her “When did you launch?”  She gave me the deer in the headlights look and ask me what I was even talking about.

Get Ready, Get Set, Launch…

A lot of preparation is necessary to launch a new business.  Business cards.  Signs.  Banners.  Advertisements.  Maybe a special of 50% off for the first 50 customers.  Balloons, confetti, ribbons, maybe even a live radio spot.  Grand Openings can be huge!  You don’t want to run out of inventory on the very first day.

It takes some stores an entire year or more sometimes to equal the sales volume they did on their Grand Opening Day.

So when a new business does not even launch, it means that they did not even begin.  How can a business succeed that did not begin?

A little planning is in order before one opens the doors.

  • How will you find new customers
  • How much inventory will you need to begin?
  • Do you have a landing page/ sales funnel?
  • How will local customers be acquired?
  • What are your first 30 day goals?
  • How can you guarantee the first 30 day goals will be met?
  • How will you announce your Grand Opening?

There are of course, many other considerations.  Do you have a mentor?  If your sponsor is not particularly successful, you will need training from a reputable source on a daily basis.  Books, CDs, and videos are excellent ways to get and keep your mind clear of trash.  They are also excellent ways to get new ideas.

Warm Market List

Did someone lie to you and tell you that you should not talk to family and friends?  Keep in mind that your family and friends are not likely to be the people you are looking for, but rather the people that they know.  Anytime you sponsor a new person into your business, you are adding an additional group of associations.  Do your new sponsoree a favor and have them give you the name and number of the person that they think is most interested in financial freedom.  You call that person and let your new affiliate listen in.  Or do a zoom call.  The thing is, you are more trained and can easily make the connection and show the new affiliate how to do it in the process.  That is a duplicatable system.

Now that your new affiliate can see how easy it is, he/she can do the very same thing.  Help your people get their people.

You may want to look at these other easy duplicatable ways to attract customers.

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