Ways to get Paid in Hempworx

First, congratulations on finding this page.  Hopefully, what you see here will help you decide to become a Hempworx Affiliate.

 Fast Start Bonus

The company actually calls it a Jump Start Bonus.  It is the first place you will get paid from.  My Daily Choice believes that you should be able to earn money right away.  In order to do this, they take the majority of the commissions on a new affiliate or customer first order, and give it to the person that sponsored them.  If you are an Executive and sponsor a new person, you earn 50% of the BV on their first order.  This is absolutely fabulous!  Because if they come in as an Executive, you earn $200.  Just on that one order.  If you sponsor ten new affiliates that all come in as an Executive, you earn $2,000.

Now, you can see why it is important to get people to come in at as high a level as possible.  Not only so you earn more money, but also so that they earn as large of a commission as is possible.  This commission is paid weekly.

Binary Commissions

You can earn up to 20% commission on your pay leg with Binary Commissions.  You can earn this commission on your Power Leg also as you match the BV with your weak leg.  This commission is paid monthly and if you don’t qualify to earn it this month, it will roll over to next moth or whenever you do qualify to receive the bonus.  You do not lose these roll overs as long as you are active.

You have a million dollar per month potential with this commission and there is no flushing.

To be eligible for Binary Commissions, an affiliate must have a personal volume of 40 PV for the month, and at least 90 BV that was either personally enrolled or was enrolled by someone that was personally enrolled in each leg, and at least 300 BV in the pay leg (The pay leg is the weak leg that you must build by yourself).

Leadership Check Matching

The Hempworx Leadership Check Matching bonus has been maximized using compression to ensure that the pay goes to the leaders who are building.  The Leadership Check Matching Bonuses are a great way to maximize commissions by helping your organization grow.  Leadership Check Matching is a match on everyone’s binary check and is one of th best ways to generate long term income with My Daily Choice.  These are paid 10 levels deep.

Global Bonus Pool

When you sponsor 4 new affiliates or customers in a calendar month, you qualify for 1 share in the Bonus Pool.  If you sponsor 8 new affiliates or customers, you qualify for 2 share in the bonus pool, and so on.  Hempworx sets aside a 2% Global Bonus Pool program where you can earn a piece of total company revenue globally!  If you rank advance in the month, you qualify for 2 share in the bonus pool.  This bonus is paid with your regular monthly bonus.

Rank Incentives and Bonuses

In addition to the other incentives and bonuses, there are rank incentives.

The first set of rank like Builder, Director, and Executive can either be earned or purchased.  Rank beyond this point must be earned.  In your back office, you can see the people each month that are on the Leaderboard or that rank advance.  To qualify for these additional rank advancements, an affiliate must generate a minimum of 90BV as well as maintain the rank for 90 consecutive days.  Rank Bonus payouts are the second Thursday of the month.

VIP Auto Club

MyDailyChoice has put together an awesome VIP Auto Club to let our affiliates drive away in the car of their dreams!  When you qualify for the VIP Auto Club, the company pays you an allowance depending upon the rank which you hold.  The car allowance for a 5K Affiliate is $150 per month.  The car allowance for a 10K Affiliate is $250 per month.  And for a 25K Affiliate, your allowance is $500 per month.  For 50K Affiliates, the auto allowance is $1,000 per month.

My Daily Choice will send you the emblems or wraps that must be placed on the auto to let everyone that sees it know that you are driving this token of success as a result of building your Hempworx business.

Elite Expense Account

Building a First Class business organization around the world requires some First Class expenses to be covered.  You might still have to fly with Grant Cardone on his $50 million dollar private jet to sponsor some new recruits in the Caribbean, but at least you can throw in a few grand for fuel.  As a 100K Affiliate, your Expense Account allotment is $2,000.  For a 250K Affiliate, your allotment for the month is $5,000.  When you reach the level of 500K Affiliate, your Elite Expense check is for $10,000. And when you reach the Super Affiliate level, you get a super $20,000 check.

How to get YOUR Paycheck

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