There are many ways to market these products.


One way is to place an image on Facebook that people can message you about if they are interested. This is not spammy. You get to talk one on one with the interested person. You refer them to the company landing page where they can become either a customer or affiliate. They buy direct from the company and you get a commission on them and their people.

Live Events

Swap Meets, County Fairs, and other places where you can setup a table and display. You have some product on hand to sell, but you try to get people to signup on their phone so they can buy direct and take advantage of the 60 day guarantee. This will sell some product to people that want it right now. Then, you can have business cards with a landing page link on them instead of your name or phone or email. You get phone numbers of interested people that you can call later. You have flyers and brochures for people to read.


If you have a health food store or such then you can buy the products at a substantial savings. There is a large enough minimum order to keep normal people without a store from buying because they won’t want that much. You can earn a nice profit and even sign up affiliates that want to buy direct and have it shipped to their home.

Paid Advertising

Classified ads online or offline allow you to place an ad where you can direct people to your landing page. This costs a little money, but you don’t have to talk with anyone as they deal direct with the company. They become a customer or affiliate and buy direct.

Word of Mouth

Whether you are at church or a school function or even a local picnic, you can tell people about a new company you joined that has some really amazing products. You direct them to your landing page for more information. Sometimes you may hear of an individual that has health problems. While you are not a doctor, you can tell stories of how it helped other people and suggest that they give it a try. They have nothig to lose with a 60 day guarantee with no questions asked full refund.


This can take some time for you to create enough content for Google to think you are an authority on the subject, but it provides free leads for years to come. You simply write posts about questions that people have been asking you and so when someone asks Google they may get sent to your page for the answer. It also allows you a place to send your affiliates and new people to learn what you have learned.

Youtube Videos

People often prefer videos to blogs and Youtube is free and you can talk about anything you want. You can talk about how much better you are sleeping or that you no longer have charlie horses. You can share your stories and the stories of others. Under the video, you place a link to your landing page.

Email Marketing

Almost everyone has an email address. You can buy leads at various places, but one place in particular sells you 100 leads a day for just $30 a month. And if you refer just one person, they up it to 200 leads a day for the same price. That is 6000 leads a month. The leads are fresh, mostly from the United States, and are people looking for extra income. You can get them at MyLeadGenSecret.

Solo Ads

Solo Ads vendors are people that have very large email lists that are updated daily. You buy a certain amount of clicks or visits to your landing page. You do not get the email list, but the vendor will keep emailing his list until you get the number of clicks you purchased. Most vendors actually give you about 10% more than you paid for. One place to find solo ad providers is at Udimi.

Truck Stop Driver Lounges

Truck Drivers are under heavy regulation and facing longer hours and shorter pay. They can no longer drive as many hours as they want and some activities that don’t pay are counted as drive time. As a result, these people are looking for extra money. Email me for flyers which fit into existing receptacles at Truck Stop driver lounges. Just to change the link to YOUR landing page and have a printer print them for you. You can purchase a domain name and have it forwarded to your landing page so it is easier to remember and people won’t make a typing mistake. Depending on where you live, you may be able to service half a dozen truck stops or more. Place the flyers every week to keep them from running out.

Hundreds of thousands of people have become financially independent with Network Marketing.

Regardless of how you market, the goal should be 20 or more people every day to your sales funnel landing page. You can track them in your back office. This is the one activity that absolutely determines success or failure.

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