Hemp and marijuana both a cannabis plant

If you ask anyone in the marijuana industry, the answer would be not very hard at all.  But if you ask a police officer, the answer may shock you.  A few months back the Idaho State Police were pretty proud of themselves for capturing what they called the biggest pot bust ever.  Of course, when they found out it was hemp and perfectly legal, they still wanted someone in jail.  But, just because they enjoy depriving people of their freedom, does not make it legal.

This story isn’t about Idaho, however.  It is about Ohio.

God created Hemp for the benefit of mankind

You see, hemp is legal in all 50 states.  Trump signed the farm bill so among other things, farmers in Kentucky could get out of the people killing tobacco business and get into a crop that heals instead of kills.

Now that research on one of God’s main plants is no longer illegal, hundreds of millions of people now know why God put cbd receptors in the human body.  All mammals, actually.  Man is that he might have joy, health, and prosperity.  Hemp makes all three of these possible.

Imagine the audacity and arrogance of man to make God’s plants illegal.

Fact is, cbd has made many a millionaire.  And will make many more.  If you would like more information on how you may be one of the millionaires of the future, please take a FREE Tour and see if this business might be for you.

Consumers can now find CBD products in nearly any type of retail store, from mainstream pharmacies, supermarkets and clothing stores to mom-and-pop specialty CBD stores, gas stations and yoga studios.

But with CBD everywhere, how does any one brand set itself apart and communicate its attributes without making illegal medical or health claims?

There has been a CBD explosion

According to CBD product manufacturers, when it comes to selecting hemp-derived CBD products to put on or in their bodies, consumers crave accountability and transparency about where and how it was grown, how clean it is and if it was produced sustainably.

Even in the relatively new, unregulated CBD market, consumers are turning to trusted companies and brands, and the companies that invest in self-regulating their products and in educating retailers and consumers about their products are seeing loyalty among consumers.  No brand is more trusted and respected than Hempworx.

When you realize that the human body was designed to heal itself and the only real obstacle to that is the government, you begin to see why it was so important to the Founding Fathers that government be kept small.  According to the Constitution, the job of government is to protect us from attack or invasion, and to see that none of our rights are violated.  Any other action on the part of government is treason.

A simple Google search will reveal millions of results to the question: “What is cbd used for?”

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