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I found a new company called LiveGood.  It is a wholesale buyers club for vitamins and supplements.  Health and wellness stuff.  All of their products are around 85% less than anywhere else.  No company on earth has higher quality products.

They pay me $25 for every member that I refer.  Like an affiliate program.  They have 6 ways to get paid.  Lots of people are actually earning over $10,000 a month right now.  The company is only 5 months old.

You can learn more or become a member here.  They do not have an autoship and there is no obligation to buy any products.  You can even earn money without referring anyone.

They have a brand new business model.  Never been done before.  Sort of a combination of affiliate marketing, membership club, and multi-level payments.  No commissions are paid on products which keep the costs low.

They do pay commissions on the membership.  It costs $49.95 to get started.  Then just $9.95 a month to remain active.  If you purchase only one item, you save far more than the $10 membership.  I was previously purchasing 750 mg full spectrum CBD oil for over $100.  I now get it from LiveGood for just $18.

They also give me a retail store for free, included in my membership.  So, if a person does not want to become a member, they can simply buy products at a huge discount at the online store.  They get the CBD oil for $28 and I make $10.  Sweet.

They have 6 ways to get paid in total.  I have already earned thousands of dollars.  Every Thursday is payday.  Dozens of people are already earning well over $30,000 per month and the company is only 5 months old.

This is unlike any network marketing program that has ever been.  People are tired of being over charged for products.  Many people are leaving their network marketing companies to join LiveGood because there are no expensive products.  There is no autoship.  One can earn money without recruiting.  There is no limit to how much a person can earn.  So you can introduce your friends that participate in MLM and they will love you for it.  There is a nice check matching bonus, so that anyone that you personally refer, you can earn 50% of whatever they do.  So if they earn $10k per month, you get $5k.

Already the company is worldwide with over 350,000 members.  35,000 just in the United States.  In just 5 months.  This is unheard of.  Millions will join.  They will all be placed under existing people.  Maybe you.

The company has a 2×15 forced matrix.  That means that each person only has two people in their first level of the matrix.  Because of this, anytime anyone refers more than two two people, they are placed under someone downline.  For instance, I have referred 93 people.  So each of my first level people received 45 free spillover which they earn money on every month.

This is a beautiful thing.  You need to watch the 6 minute video to understand how it all works.  You can watch the video at http://EasiestMoney.org

When you join my team, you are joining a leader in the company.  I am on the Leaderboard.  I have personally referred nearly 100 myself.




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