What is attrition?

If I had to sum up what happened in a word, it might be neglect, or stupidity.  I was trying to get good at recruiting and I kept doing things that worked.  Problem was, I didn’t duplicate myself.

I figured that people would investigate how to build a business on Youtube or blogs or whatever came up on Google.  It seemed to me that people should have already made up their mind about what they were going to do before becoming an affiliate.

Seems logical that when a person becomes an affiliate that they want to earn some money.  After all, it cost money to become an affiliate so there must be a bigger benefit, right?  Sometimes, I think I secretly hoped that the people I recruited would be smarter than me and just take off like a rocket.

Give them what they came for

Well, I was right about a couple things.  People did want to earn some money.  And they were prepared to use My Daily Choice as a vehicle to do so.  Thing is, they didn’t know how.  And for some reason they never reached out to me to find out.

It takes quite a bit of time and energy and sometimes even money to find a person that is truly interested in earning a retirement or living with network marketing.  It isn’t like asking people if they are interested in buying twenty dollar bills for ten bucks.  People with the sense to take the risk necessary to earn above the norm are not common.  Entrepreneurs are few and far between.  They have vision and purpose.  They can be dedicated and have that tunnel vision that gets them through the negativity of life and not get distracted.

So when you find one of these jewels, you don’t want to lose them.

I found a hundred and lost a hundred.  They were interested enough to become an affiliate.  But they needed some help and I did not offer it.  I have trouble reading people’s minds and knowing what they need or not.

So the last hundred people I recruited, I still have.  How did I do it?  What is my secret?

Pay attention to who you pay attention to

See, I had been brainwashed.  I watched the industry leaders on video and read their blogs.  I viewed the statistics.  They all told the same BS, which is, that attrition is 80% so don’t take it personal and just accept it.  What a crock of crap!

That’s like saying that 80% of all people that go to a restaurant really don’t want to eat.  So when nobody serves then after a couple hours and they walk out, the waitresses just say that statistically some people just leave.

It never even occurred to the restaurant management that maybe if the people were served that they would stay and eat until they were full.  So the analogy in network marketing is that the people that sign up actually do want to earn some money.  They just need a little guidance.  Like what is on the menu?

So, I now have a system.  I’ll tell you more about it later.  For now, just know that you have to take care of your people.  They deserve your attention and respect.  If you don’t give it, they will leave.

Now when someone joins my team.  I make sure they have the tools that they need in order to be successful.

If you are not already on my team of winners, please take a moment to take my FREE Tour and see if this business is for you.




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