Groceries are super expensive and if you’re paying attention, you know that they’re only going up in cost. That’s why one of my priorities is to find ways to save money on groceries that don’t affect the quality of what we’re eating or our health. Around our house, it isn’t uncommon to see freeze dried food being snacked on or added to our regular meals. It isn’t uncommon to see an entire meal made from freeze dried foods either!  I know how crazy that sounds, but once you finish reading this post, you’ll understand why my family loves Thrive Life Foods so much!  It might seem odd to use freeze dried foods in your daily cooking, but with Thrive Life, it just makes sense. Why? They’re non-GMO, highly nutritious, mostly gluten-free  – some options have gluten of course – and save me money on my grocery bill each month! Keep reading for how I use my “secret” products to save BIG on my grocery bill. It may just surprise you!

I know that it might sound odd to use freeze dried food from a can in your home for regular meals, but when you think about it, it really isn’t. The majority of us use canned, frozen and prepared foods in our homes daily. In fact, the majority of our grocery stores are filled with canned and prepackaged foods. Most people’s pantries, refrigerators and freezers are full of processed, GMO, preservative filled, crap of good quality frugal pantry staples. We feed them to our families and the vast majority of people never stop to think about what is in them or even worse; what isn’t. Whether we want to admit it or not, convenience has become a staple in our homes much more than nutrition and real food.

What Is Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food and How to Save Money on Groceries

Most canned goods, frozen foods or other prepackaged meals at the grocery store are full of two things: fillers and salt. Those fillers that are mixed into what should be goodness are doing horrible things for our health. As a society, we are getting sicker and sicker and a lot of it stems from those filler ingredients that are added to make you feel fuller. In addition to the fillers though, the sheer amount of sodium that we are eating on a daily basis is sickening. Salt acts as a preservative as well as a flavor enhancer so those items that you buy in the boxes and cans tend to be full of them. Finally, what is missing from those foods on the shelves are nutrients that your body needs daily.  Unfortunately, a lot of the “food” that we put into our bodies is so lacking in those important vitamins and minerals that it can barely be called food. Those items are processed so much in order to make them cheap that there is very little of the original nutrition left. Even things like our juices are processed so much that there is very little to none of the original fruit left.  Sugar content in pre-packaged foods is out of control too.  Even in foods that are marketed as healthy, you’ll often find 5 teaspoons, 10 teaspoons or even more sugar per serving.

Would you be willing to hand your child 10 teaspoons of sugar or salt and tell them to eat it? No! Which  makes me wonder why we’re so content to give our kids food and drinks that essentially do the same thing when we have better options available to us. Growing a garden is smart and budget friendly. Buying organic foods grown in healthy ways, even when you’re on a budget, is possible too. Cooking more and eating out less is another way to remove junk from your diet. And adding Thrive Life Foods is another fantastic way to feed your family amazing nutritious foods.

What exactly is Thrive Life?

Thrive Life began as Shelf Reliance with the idea of creating food rotation systems that the average family could use in their home. Eventually, that idea blossomed into the idea of each home having their own home store filled with nutritious foods that could be made quickly. Now, it is their mission to help people build that home store by providing amazing freeze-dried or dehydrated food, drinks and seasonings. They even have a bakery line for us.

Because of the way that Thrive Life products are freeze dried, they are shelf stable and retain much more of the vital nutrients that your food originally had. They have a huge line of products too!  You can buy everything from scrambled eggs and instant milk to chicken slices , instant quinoa and beef, brownies and hot cocoa. Most products come in a smaller pantry sized can size or a larger #10 can size, however, they do offer 6 gallon bucket sizes for most products – if you’re wanting to really buy in bulk – as well as pouch products for specific items as well.

How are Thrive Life Foods used?

Just like any other food! Thrive Life is real food. Real food that has been freeze dried at the height of its freshness!  You can use them in your favorite recipes with other foods or for some products, even enjoy them as a stand alone snack! We absolutely love the Snackies product line and I can’t seem to keep the freeze dried pineapple chunks in the house! We use the Snackies anytime we’re traveling or out hiking and the pineapple stays on the counter as an anytime snack!

Become a consultant today and buy wholesale.  Get paid to help other people increase their food storage and save money on their groceries.

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