Next to business cards, a blog is probably the cheapest way out there to get the word out.  You may even be able to get a blog for free, although at the cost of being bombarded with ads it may not be worth it.  Also, you will end up getting a professional one later anyway and then you will lose all of your work.  Just get a real blog at a real host in the first place and go for it.  Sometimes I offer a free blog to members of my downline. In the beginning, your blog will only be seen by your family and friends or whoever you tell about it.  You may even send friends or acquaintances from your social media.  It won’t be showing up in any search engine results until your domain or page receive enough authority to be considered important.  When people search for something online, they do not want a weenie answer.  They want the best answers available.  A search engine wants to provide the best answers or else you will use a different search tool. When people save you in their favorites or post a link to your site in their post or page, it means they think you have some credibility.  Google thinks so too.  In fact, the more people and sites that link to you, the more important you become.  Your site that is. If you really write great content that a lot of people are hungry for, then eventually, your acumen will show by your Domain Authority number.  This can take time.  Maybe years.  Google handles over a billion search requests every day world wide.  The United States only comprise 8% of all Internet traffic.  You are a small fish in a very large pond.  If you want people to read your blog, you better have something they are interested in.  Over time your viewers will grow. Many bloggers report that they are getting hits for content that they wrote 3 or 4 years ago.  That is how long it took for those blog posts to be recognized as relevant or that is how long they have remained relevant.  So what you write today will be seen in search results in a couple years or more.  Fortunately there are ways to speed the process up. When you promote a home business on your blog, you write about things as they come up and after a year or so you have answered a lot of questions.  People may have grown along with you or they may come along a year later when your writing is more refined and professional.  It is actually quite rare for a new business of any kind to profit in the first year.  Even more so for a work at home enterprise.  Knowing this going into a network marketing venture will make you more patient.  Lot’s of people discover how much money can be earned in a multi-level marketing plan and think they are going to get rich by Friday.  Or even a Friday next year.  The truth is that it takes time to build a business.  Two years from now after you have written a couple hundred blogs or more, your efforts will pay off as they gain relevance and page rank. Getting your blog to the point of producing organic traffic for free is a big hurdle.  Some people buy leads or advertise for leads, but when people are coming to you for free from the search results, this is fabulous.  You have answered their question and they are ready to rock and roll.  This is the very reason you started the blog a couple years back. Since page rank or Domain Authority is affected greatly by how many people link to your site, it makes a lot of sense to get more people to link to you.  These are called backlinks.  They link back to you.  There are many factors which affect page authority but according to Google, back links are the most important.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been important for a long time and there are literally thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people earning their living this way.  What good is a nice web site if nobody sees it?  You will want links on all of your social media sites to link to your site or landing pages. I’ve been in the computer industry one way or another since 1983.  I have written software, created downloadable soft fonts, built computers, repaired computers, hosted web sites, created web sites, and have had at least one active web server since 1997.  Even now, I host my own web sites on my own server and that is why I can provide a free blog to my downline when I feel like it.  Along the way I have made some good contacts and met a few of the right people.  I now have the resources and capability to provide an outreach service to locate qualified writers of various Domain Authority to write a blog of 500 words or more that links to your sire, regardless of your niche.  It’s a good idea to mix the backlinks from small to large authority so that Google does not think you are stuffing backlinks of only high authority.  There is nothing wrong with buying backlinks and can actually save you years in getting the page authority that you seek. Near the top of my blog is a menu bar that has a link to my store.  You can purchase one or more backlinks and pay with PayPal.  PayPal has both buyer and seller protection and is recognized by everyone.  You may include the anchor text that you want people to click on to access your page and you must also tell us which page you want the link to go to.  You will receive an email to verify the order. If you want to join my cbd oil business, please take this FREE Tour.    

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