Is your sponsor good enough?

In network marketing, it is often times the case that your sponsor is nearly as new as you are to the business.  This is not tragic because there is an upline that you can follow to receive the guidance you need if necessary.

Typically, a sponsor is a guide.  If the sponsor has a duplicatable method of attracting new affiliates, then that is likely enough.  Sometimes people wish that their sponsor was a super star and want to blame any lack of performance on their part on not having a good enough sponsor.  Truth is that even if your sponsor is a super star, they are not going to do your work for you.  They can guide you and tell you what works for them, but they aren’t handing out free lunches.

In the age of Youtube and blogs, there are very few secrets out there.  As a rule, people of influence want their downline to succeed and therefore share whatever information that they have in order to make that so.  There are countless videos and blogs from people in every business imaginable, telling you and everyone else what they think you need to succeed.

Even if your entire upline were beginners, which is highly unlikely, there are still many videos and training from the company itself, as well as hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates.

The company offers free training

In My Daily Choice / Hempworx, the landing page, sales funnel system is so incredibly effective, that all anyone needs to do is send people there to take a look.  Your people can come from anywhere including family and friends.  Sooner or later you will want to enter the cold market, which are strangers.  Whether you meet these people on social media, direct mail, paid advertising, public events, email lists, or anywhere else, the goal is the same.  Send them to your sales funnel.  That is what it is for.

I had achieved a certain level of success back in the 1980s, was awarded a gold pin for sales exceeding 20 grand in a month and I figured I knew how to do it.  I was wrong.  A lot has changed in 40 years.  The Internet, for one thing.  I thought I had to talk with people in person.  I was wrong about that, too.  So after a year of spinning my wheels, I finally contacted my sponsor who gave me an ad and told me where to run it.  I still use that ad.  It made all of the difference in the world.

Automated System

Once I had a tactic that worked for me, I was off to the races.  Different people use different systems.  Generally, based on their lifestyle and habits.  Avid Facebook users may have enormous success with Facebook, while a not so social person may not.  Any social media will work if you work it.  Check Youtube and see what other people are doing.

The thing to remember is that whatever it was that enticed you to join in the first place is still there.  No sponsor is perfect.  They will help you any way they can, more often than not.  And if they do not have the answer you seek, go up a level.  Your upline are listed as success coaches in your back office.

The company that I am with offers free personalized web sites, landing pages, automates sales funnels, and a very intelligent personalized email drip system follow up.  This was unheard of just 5 years ago.  Succeeding in network marketing today is far easier than it was 40 years ago.

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You do need a mentor.  A coach.  Sometimes people join a network marketing company and in just a few months, their sponsor quits or is promoting something else.  Do NOT take advice from anyone that is not competent to give it.  Robert Hollis has helped over 50 people become million dollar earners in My Daily Choice.  He offers free training.  This particular video is part of his free training.  It explains in detail how to get from earning very little to earning millions.  This is a MUST watch.

You simply need to learn the simple, duplicatable, system that the million dollar earners use.






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