Why SEO is Important

Search engine optimization is what you do to get your website as high as possible on the search engine results page to generate free traffic to your online presence. Picture this: a user Googles a product and sees your site first, not someone else’s. In this case, you get the most clicks, and many of them can result in purchases. That’s why you need SEO.

There’s 644 million websites on the internet, so yours won’t get to the top of Google naturally. You have to enter the race for the sweet spot by working on your website SEO: collect keywords that customers use to find your products, include them in your product titles and descriptions, use only original and unique website content, advertise it, and make others want to link to it on their resources. That’s quite a bunch of work, so before doing it, you want to make sure the search engine actually “sees” your website and can index it.

A Sitemap helps search engines discover your content

Sitemap is a file of links to all pages of your site. With this file, the site owner shows the search engine all the existing links of the site in one document. That way, search robots do not need to look for product pages or links to your landing pages themselves, browsing categories, subcategories, and beyond. Sitemap simplifies and speeds up indexing. You should update it every day, which means that search engines will quickly find out about all the changes you have made in the store.  If you use WordPress for your blog, you can add the free sitemap app which will keep your sitemap current everyday.

Without a sitemap, indexing a website takes more time: nobody can tell when the search engine crawls all the site links on its own.

You can create a sitemap online for free and download it at: http://www.web-site-map.com/  There is also instructions on how to upload it to your website on your hosts server.

You should also register with Google analytics so you can see when and where your traffic is coming from.  The better your content, the better your recognition will be.  When Google sees that other sites are linking to yours, they realize that your site has added value.  They also take into consideration the weight of the site that refers to you.  If hundreds of regular sites link to you that is an indication that your site is important.  When a more important site links to your site, it carries even more weight.  If the Whitehouse links to you for instance, Google would consider your site very important.  The more important Google thinks your site is, the higher you will rank in the search engine results when someone searches.


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