Where does the money come from?

In Network Marketing, an affiliate builds a network of customers of a product.  Because the product is consumable, customers reorder monthly.  Some of the customers will want to build their own network of customers and so they will recruit their own network of consumers.  You earn a commission on every sale that is made or caused to be made in your entire downline.

In order for anyone to purchase a product or to recruit an affiliate, they must see the benefit of doing so.  Whether the benefits are health or financial, or both, people will only put forth the effort to achieve their goal, if they can see themselves obtaining the benefit.  Even though they may have the opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, most people will not put forth the effort to do so, unless they can actually visualize their success.

When a person can actually see themselves finding and training 5 people to find and train 5 people to do the same thing, they have accomplished a major step.  Seeing is a result of believing.  But more importantly, achieving it is a result of first seeing it.  How many people live their life saying “I will believe it when I see it?”  Successful people realize that when they can visualize it, they can obtain it.

It is a process

The first person you have to convince is yourself.  Then you look around and see if you can find anyone that is interested in earning extra money from a second income stream.  Sometimes people will tell you that they want to be rich, but they are not willing to do what it takes to become so.  What does it take?  If you get 5 that get 5 that get 5, etc., you will be a millionaire.  How long will it take?  That is completely up to you.  Some people can do it in a year.  Most people take 3 to 5 years.  But you earn money along the way.

I wrote a blog post about simply getting 5 of your friends to change the place where they buy their coffee, and get 5 of their friends to do the same thing.  If you follow the plan in the blog post, you will be earning 5 figures a month by your 6th month.  https://floydhumpherys.com/blog/crushing-it-with-hempworx/

With the current pandemic there are many people that are now looking for a way to earn money online.  From home.  And this could be exactly what they are looking for.

Hemp and CBD are hot products

Unlike marijuana, hemp does not get you high.  Hemp has far more cbd than marijuana.  As cbd has grown in popularity, you can find it almost everywhere.  However, all cbd is not the same.  Hemp seeds contain no cbd at all.  There are many fakes out there capitalizing on the cbd explosion.  Way back when the government was cracking down on health food stores for selling cbd with large amounts of THC in it, My Daily Choice became the first to verify every batch.  Even to this day, every bottle has a lot number on it and you can go to the company website and see the chemical analysis of your very bottle.  We have the highest quality cbd available.

If you are not already on my team, you can take my free tour and see if this business is for you.  We have a lot of free training.  You get your own back office with personalized landing pages, sales funnels, and email autoresponder.  The entire business can be done online.  I am here to help.  Ask me for images and ads for social media that are proven.  I will be notified when you become an affiliate and will send you a welcome letter with much valuable info inside.

See you at the top!

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