My sponsor is successful.  He has several web sites that educate and invite people to join his team.  His sites answer typical questions that people have, such as the one I used to title this blog post.  In fact, that is how I found him. One really nice thing about a binary matrix is that no level can have more than two people.  So in theory, you only need two people that get two people that get two people etcetera.   Therefore, anyone that sponsors more than two people forces the matrix to go deeper.  My left leg is only as deep as I have personally sponsored people.  I just checked my right leg and it goes over 6000 levels deep.  The bulk of those people were introduced by one of my sponsor’s web pages.  Web pages are a way to talk with people when you are asleep. Here is what my sponsor has to say about the question I used to title this post: How Long Does it Take to Become Successful in MLM? The truth is HERE. . . The biggest question I receive is, “how long does it take to become successful in MLM, or how long does it take to grow a MLM team. Let’s find out: When we become IBO’s, or Independent Business Owners, we want to know the scoop, i.e. how much can I make and how long does it take to make it. It’s true that most of us are motivated by the income possibilities in the beginning of our MLM career, but our thoughts and motivation also mature into a higher purpose, usually by wanting to help other people become successful as well. Starting MLM should be treated like starting a new Profession and business. Most people, when joining a MLM company, treat it like a little hobby that will pay them tons of money. Realistically, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. If you treat it like just a hobby, you probably won’t spend anytime working the business and the business needs work in the beginning to take off, just like opening a new store. You wouldn’t spend first and last month’s rent on building space, then spend thousands on equipment and inventory, to just open your new business for one hour a week, would you? MLM is the same way. It’s a legitimate business that has the potential of making you millions of dollars a year, like a franchise, but only for the fraction of the cost. Most MLM companies cost under $200 a month to be a Independent Business Owner. That’s why most people don’t take MLM seriously. It only costs them the price of a cell phone bill each month to be an active business owner in MLM. But, we need to treat it like opening a real business and take the time to learn the profession inside and out. The first six months in network marketing, I read every book and watched every video I could about MLM. I’m glad I did, because the leaders taught me that there’s going to be some really challenging times ahead, a lot of people telling me no, and small checks in the beginning. If the leaders weren’t honest and told me it was “easy money” I would have quit in a couple months. But, I knew it was going to take courage, consistency and hard work to get my business going. If you want easy money, it’s not for you. If you want job-replacing Income in 2 to 5 years, it’s EXACTLY for YOU. There is no risk in starting a MLM business. If you don’t like the product or company, you simply cancel your monthly autoship for the product and you are out. For the price of a cell phone bill, your MLM business will provide: Top-notch products and services, far superior to other retail products and services out there. You become an official Entrepreneur and Business Owner. You have the ability to mastermind with the best Leaders in the Industry and learn valuable personal and business skills. You have the ability to work anywhere in the world where there’s Internet. You can impact other people’s lives and help them improve their lives on a large scale. Potential to make unlimited and legal residual income that comes in automatically every month, whether you work or not. Can tell your Boss goodbye forever. Can set up your parents nicely and support their every need. Become the talk of the town when you achieve ultimate success. Finding Success is a Numbers Game in MLM Finding success in MLM and network marketing takes showing your opportunity to a lot of people. You are simply looking through a lot of people until you find a few leader-types who have the same vision as you and want to grind hard in the business to achieve success. What happens though to new network marketers. . . Most new distributors ask a few people, usually their friends and family, if they want to join their business. The new distributor has little belief in the company and it shows. Their friends say NO, and the new distributor takes it personally and quits. This could be prevented with a few tips: Work with your sponsor in how to approach people. Learn from videos on YouTube how to prospect cold market and warm market. Take the product or use the service your MLM company provides first. When you have a personal testimonial of what the product or service does, you will be more confident in talking to people. Network marketing is not about selling or pushing product on to people. You simply recommend your product or service, like you would recommend a good movie. Don’t just jump on people with your opportunity. Listen to their needs and recommend your business if you truly feel they would benefit from it. Allow some time to pass. The longer you stay as an active distributor, the more belief you have because you have lasted some time and weathered some pitfalls. People want to join people who they have noticed have done something for awhile and have experience. Even if you are not enrolling anyone into your business, for the price of a cell phone bill, you are learning invaluable lessons about yourself and becoming an Entrepreneur. So, don’t quit! Timeline for MLM Success Year 1: Chances of Success (financially free) 2% Year 2: Chances of Success, 10% Year 3: Chances of Success, 20% Year 4: Chances of Success, 42% Year 5: Chances of Success, 62% Year 6: Chances of Success, 78% Year 7: Chances of Success, 87% Year 8: Chances of Success, 90% This is a rough outline of your chances of success in MLM if you are consistent in prospecting, self-development, and growing your business. I know many distributors who have been in MLM longer than 10 years who are NOT successful because they are not working it hard enough. They still treat it like a hobby, and there’s no money in hobbies. The Numbers Needed to Succeed in MLM Let’s say you bring in 24 IBO’s a year and only 2 stay: Year 1: 2 Leaders in your business who bring in 2 themselves = 4 Year 2: You now have 4 Leaders who bring in 2 = 8 Year 3: You now have 8 Leaders who bring in 2 = 16 Year 4: You now have 16 Leaders who bring in = 32 Year 5: You now have 32 Leaders who bring in = 64 Year 6: You now have 64 Leaders who bring in = 128 Year 7: You now have 128 Leaders who bring in = 256 Year 8: You now have 256 Leaders who bring in = 512 512 Leaders in your organization. This is very conservative. Some Leaders can bring in 100 people, but with 512 Leaders, that’s: $7,680 a Month! So, in 8 years you could realistically make $7,680 a month, or you can still be working at your JOB making $2,000 a month. It’s up to YOU. If you can afford a cell phone bill and want to create this kind of income within 8 years or much less, usually you can achieve this in 3 to 5 years, it’s worth it to visualize your future, stay motivated, work consistently, and succeed. You will never make this income at your job. Even if you do, you’re trading your time for money, what if you become disabled or sick? With network marketing you leverage your time by recruiting others into your MLM organization who bring in people and then they bring in people. You begin to earn a little commission off of a lot of people. The thing that keeps successful network marketers going is holding tight to the long term vision. If we looked at our present results, of maybe making only $50 a month, we would get discouraged and quit. Making $50 a month in the beginning will not keep us going through the hard times and every business goes through hard times. How to stay in the game when things are hard: Love the product and be satisfied as just a customer. If the business side doesn’t work out, that’s fine, you still are a devoted customer. Connect with your sponsor. Communicate your frustrations, but go easy on the self-pity. Keep learning. When things get tough, go onto YouTube and watch some MLM trainers. Don’t switch companies. The grass is NOT greener. Stay faithful and committed to ONE company. Get into gratitude. Be happy that you are willing to try something new, like being a home-based Entrepreneur. Take a FREE Tour How I Earn Money From Home MLM is One Big Self-Development Course Network marketing and MLM is essentially a people business where you share your opportunity with people you believe would benefit from it. As you gain experience, you will see that it’s much more than a business opportunity. Network marketers share a bond. We are in an industry that is still relatively new and we receive friction from the masses who don’t understand it. We turn to our mentors for guidance, which challenges our ego, but we grow so much from others if we allow it. I admit, I ignored my sponsor when I joined MLM. I wanted to do it all on my own because I thought I was a big social media strategist. I freaked out when he called me the first month I was in. I let the call go to voicemail and didn’t reach out to him until six months later. This business is hard to do when you’re all alone. I suggest at least getting a friend or family member into your business who is supportive of you and they can become your accountability partner. My wife has been the best accountability partner. She helps me when I’m down and I help her when she’s down. I wouldn’t be in network marketing without her. There will be times when: You hear your first “NO” from someone you care about. Your product arrives late. Someone you thought was a leader quit on you in a month. Someone told you off. You read a review online that your company is a scam. Your first check was $27. Your mom calls it a Pyramid thingy. . . Your Dad just laughs. . . The company ignores your emails. Your sponsor doesn’t return your call. Your sponsor quits. You only have 3 Leads. Etc. Etc. These things have happened to all the MLM leaders. Leaders don’t get bummed out when these things happen. They create a positive around the negative and move on. There will be times when your company does something or doesn’t do something that you disagree with. Businesses run into issues as well, especially if they are growing faster than their staff can handle. My advice: Look the other way. Problems happen, especially with distributors and MLM companies. The Industry is controlled and ran by humans. Humans make mistakes, it’s human-nature. Don’t get so bent out of shape that you jeopardize your home-based business by quitting. If you love the products and services your company offers and you can afford the monthly autoship, stay in forever. I truly believe that if you stay in, learn what you can and take action, you will be successful. Success in MLM Loves Momentum MLM loves speed, that’s why you see a lot of Leaders “on fire” and excited, because they are building their organizations fast. Even if you have no one looking at your business, create an air of urgency, move and talk fast, without being hyper, and let people know that you are growing a big team and you want them to join in as well. Have the attitude of “I am building this business with or without you, but I hope you join me because my business is exploding. . .” This creates momentum and if done consistently, your team will start to grow fast. People on your team will get excited as well, because they see you bringing in a lot of people. Whenever I get a new IBO in my business, my business emails everyone who hasn’t upgraded yet and tells them of the new IBO and that they better get in. It’s all about creating “fear of loss” and “sense of urgency.” To Summarize: How Long Does it Take to Become Successful in MLM? This industry is exciting and I am glad that you are thinking about joining or already are an Paid Affiliate. Hang in there, it does get easier. It has changed my life for the better. I have helped people from many other countries as well, for this opportunity is truly a truly global opportunity that can be solely done on the internet. Thanks for reading! If you would like to take a free tour inside my business, click this link.

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