Income Streams

The richer a person is, the more sources of income they have.  On the other hand, the poorer a person is, the fewer sources of income they have.

The public indoctrination system teaches people to be slaves that do what they are told, raise their hand to ask a question, get a job and pay taxes.  Consequently, the average Joe sells 8 hours of his time a day to earn a living.  No rich person on the face of the earth does this.  So why should you?

There are only 24 hours in a day and the rich have no more of it than the poor.  Selling your time is like selling your health.  You can never get it back.


What the successful people do that slaves do not do is leverage their time.  This is why network marketing has helped so many people to become financially independent.  It allows a person to get paid on the efforts of other people and the time of other people.  Not only that, but almost every thing you do is tax deductible.

So when some double digit IQ complains about paying taxes, it is because of the indoctrination of the public school system that taught them to be poor.  If they removed their head from their arse, they would realize that the Founding Fathers of the United States were so interested in being a country of productive citizens, that they made provisions for a person willing to take the risk of contributing to the economy, hiring people, and starting a business, to get that amount of money exempted from tax.

Freedom and the free enterprise system are what made the United States the most powerful nation on earth in a very short time.

Whatever sources of income you already have, there are room for more.  Maybe you buy bargains at the thrift store or yard sales and triple or quadruple your money at the swap meet.  Maybe you sell items on Etsy, eBay, or Amazon.  How many people have turned a couple babysitting jobs into a day care center?  No matter what you already do, there are additional ways that you can earn money.

Helping other people can help yourself

Sometimes people get so caught up in their own circumstances that they overlook the fact that many times the best way to help one’s self is to help other people.  Imagine how grateful a person is when you help them.  Even your auto mechanic is happy when you refer customers.  When you have a reputation for helping people, you have an invisible army out there working for you.  People do not want to feel in your debt and therefore will attempt to repay you in some way.

It might be that within just 20 miles of where you are, there is someone suffering from epilepsy, autism, depression, or anxiety.  You suggest CBD Oil.  Brands are different and not all products are created equal.  Ours is the best and has a 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.  They have nothing to lose.  Except their discomfort.  When you introduce someone to something that changes their life, they do not forget.  They are grateful.  And because you cared enough to make a suggestion, you not only gained a lifetime customer, and friend, but maybe even an affiliate that will introduce other affiliates.

Success can be as easy as drinking coffee

Do you realize that if you just get 5 of your friends or associates to change the place where they buy their coffee, and teach them to do the same thing for 5 of their friends, and their friends do this also, that you are your friends would each be earning 5 figures a month in commissions.  Now consider this, nobody bought anything that they weren’t already buying.  You did not have to explain what coffee is or what it is for.  In fact, these people likely would not stop drinking coffee even if you asked them to.  So this is something that you really can do.

When you ask your friend if they are willing to change the place where they buy their coffee if they could earn 5 figures a month, they should say yes.  Because an easier way to legally earn 5 figures a month will likely not be found.  And anyone that answers no is happy with their poverty.  I say poverty because a rich person will not pass this opportunity up.

Now, there are some people that wonder how long this will take.  Well, take 90 seconds right now to write down 5 of your coffee drinker friends.  Now spend the next 5 minutes calling them to get their commitment.  That is one minute each.  Have them call you back when they have signed up.  Tomorrow, you will help them get their 5.  If everyone comes in as an Executive, each person will earn a nice $1,000.00 fast start bonus their very first week.

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