This video is presented by Jenna Zwagil, who is also the number two earner on planet earth with a network marketing company.  Since MDC has only been in business for four years, it is remarkable that such a high earner is with a new company and not a decades old mlm company.

This powerful video shows what can be done when a person sets their mind to it.

Listen to the success tips of a winner.

Ten tips that helped this woman earn up to $400,000 per month with Hempworx:

  1. Rewire your brain – take it off default settings
  2. Started saying yes to uncomfortable situations
  3. Thought outside the box
  4. Bad days aren’t final – don’t quit
  5. Money is energy
  6. Stop listening to broke people
  7. Take a holistic approach to wellness
  8. Love with heart and passion
  9. stop thinking about self.  Start thinking about others
  10. Realize what is illusionary and what is real


During the most current complete month as of this writing, the month of August 2019, the Rank Recognition for this only 4 year old company showed three people having achieved the level of Super Affiliate which represents one million dollars in business volume for the month.  Four people achieved rank of 500K.  Seven people achieved 250K rank.  Twenty eight people earned the rank of 100k in BV.   Sixty-eight people earned the rank of 50k.  One hundred twenty six people earned the rank of 25k.  Three hundred sixty eight people earned the rank of 10k.  And a whopping six hundred thirty nine people achieved rank of 5k.  The names and numbers are different every month.  Clearly, this business is going places.


If you are not already on my team and think this business may be for you, please take this free tour and be prepared to get excited.


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