How much money do THRIVE Life Consultants make?

This is probably the most often asked question I get, and the answer is both simple and complicated (and yes, I’ve got some “real numbers” for you at the bottom of this post).

Simple answer:

However much you want!

More complicated answer:

There are THRIVE Life consultants that earn full-time income and those that earn just a few dollars each month.  There are a few things that determine how much you will earn, all of which YOU have control over.  So, ultimately, each consultant decides how much they want to earn.

#1: Effort and Attitude

Anyone can be successful in this business if they have a positive attitude and are willing to work hard.  I absolutely mean that.  I am sure of it. I have a team of hundreds of consultants and without fail, those that are “successful” are those who look at the bright side and consistently work at their businesses.  But interestingly, that is where their similarities end.  Other than that, “successful” consultants come from all walks of life.  It is their ability to consistently work on their businesses, not give up, and see the bright side of things that propel them to success: just like in any other aspect of life!

#2: Time

As a THRIVE Life consultant, you have the potential to earn serious full-time income.  You can potentially earn hundreds of thousands a year.  But just like any other job/career with that type of potential, if that is your goal, it will take time.  Doctors, lawyers, business owners, etc,. all spend YEARS in schooling/training/internships, etc., before they start earning any money.  As a THRIVE Life consultant, you will also need to realize that serious financial rewards take time, experience, and consistent effort.  You will NOT make full-time income in month number one!  But at the same time, you can easily pay back your start-up cost in month one!  (That’s something doctors, lawyer and most other business owners can’t say.)

#3: Team Building

As a THRIVE Life consultant, you can choose to (1) simply sell the product, or you can choose to (2) sell the product AND support, train, and teach others who would like to sell the product.  If you choose just to sell the product, you will likely never earn full-time income, though you can still earn a significant part-time income.

If you choose to support, train and teach others who would like to sell the product, then your income potential is unlimited.

Real Numbers…

I know that many of you reading this post did so hoping for some “real life” numbers.  Well, I’ve got some for you!

Average Party Sales

The average sales per party for all consultants in the company hover right around $900.

So, on average, consultants earn around $90 for every party/class that they do.  If you were to do just one event per week (about three-five hours a week start to finish), you’d make around $350-$400 a month just from your own personal sales.

That is around $22 an hour.  That is pretty good in my opinion, and that doesn’t even count the free & discounted food you are earning too!

In addition, most experienced consultants have higher party averages, so over time, as you gain experience, this number will increase.

The Q

Also, at each party/event, you will likely enroll customers on the THRIVE Q.  You will be paid for doing that as part of your party/event commission (the $90), but you will also be paid each month that Q ships out again.  So, as you have more parties, you will create more Qs and earn commission on them automatically each month, even if you need to “take a month off” of doing parties/events.

Here are some company averages

These averages are based on rank, but most of you probably have no idea what I mean when I say “rank,” right?  A consultant’s rank is based on both their own sales and the sales of their  “team.”  For consultants who work hard and consistently, rank advancements come naturally over time.

For your benefit, I’ve included an “estimated” time of when a new consultant who is serious about their business might expect to hit a certain rank.  By serious, I mean they work on their business every week consistently.

But please understand that while the average earnings at each rank are accurate as of March 2013, the time frame I give is completely my opinion based on my own personal experience with my own teammates.  There are consultants who have gone through the ranks quicker (or slower) than this.

Mentor:  $314/month on average

In my opinion, it typically takes a hard working consultant two-four months to hit the rank of mentor.  I hit mentor in my third month as a consultant and made $283 that month.

Director: $797/month on average

In my opinion, it typically takes a hard working consultant three-six months to hit the rank of director.  I skipped director in my advancement.  I had no team until my fifth month, so I stayed at mentor for a while.

Executive: $1161/month on average

In my opinion, it typically takes a hard working consultant five-ten months to hit the rank of executive.  I hit executive in my sixth month as a consultant after I started building a team, and I earned $1105 that month.  I went straight from mentor to executive.

Silver Executive: $2366/month on average

In my opinion, it typically takes a hard working consultant nine-fifteen months to hit the rank of silver executive.  I hit silver executive in my tenth month as a consultant, and I earned $2106 that month.

Gold Executive: $3,334/month on average

In my opinion, it typically takes a hard working consultant 12-20 months to hit the rank of gold executive.  I hit gold executive in my 16th month as a consultant, and I earned $5942 that month.

Platinum:  $11,313/month on average

In my opinion, it typically takes a hard working consultant 18-30 months to hit the rank of platinum executive.  I hit platinum executive in my 24th month as a consultant, and I earned $7986 that month.

Beyond (highest check):  $38,000

There are no ranks beyond Platinum, but obviously your business & team can/will continue to grow.  There are consultants who have been at Platinum for over two years now (I’ve only been at Platinum for about seven months at the writing of this article in July 2013).

The highest monthly check any Platinum had earned as of March, 2013 was $38,000.  These are consultants who have been consistently working on their businesses for nearly four years.  That is an incredible income!  And the company is young!  As these consultants (and I) keep working, our income will only continue to grow.


I hope that answers any questions you may have about how much you can realistically earn as a THRIVE Life consultant!  If there is something else you’d like to know, leave a comment and I will get back to you!

In addition, if you do decide to become a consultant, THRIVE Life will provide you will a fantastic tool: a commission calculator that can help you see not only how much you can make, but exactly what you need to do each month to get there.  It will help you set financial goals/time frames that work for youand your life!


If you are interested in becoming a THRIVE Life consultant, you can learn more here:  Is becoming a THRIVE Life Consultant right for you?

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