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This is no joke.  I am as serious as a heart attack.  If money is what you are after, you have come to the right place.  The amount is not important.

The funny thing about earning a lot of money is that a lot of people will say that they want to.  But they are not willing to do what it takes to get the job done.  We have a relatively simple plan that is easy to duplicate.  In fact, the process is about 95% automated.  The hardest thing about it is not what you have to do.  It is deciding to do it.

God wants us all to be happy.  It is not necessary for anyone to be poor just because someone is rich.  It is possible for us all to be rich at the same time.  Almost every obstacle to becoming wealthy is in the distance between your own two ears.

Incredibly stupid school teachers that are themselves on welfare.  They have never achieved a single note worthy thing in their entire life.  They know absolutely nothing about earning money.  When they want a larger welfare check, they simply refuse to work and teach your children absolutely nothing.  They call this a strike.  They should never be allowed in the same room with a child that wants to learn.

Can’t teach what you don’t know

What children need is a teacher that is competent to teach.  One that has experienced how to earn a living and not just read about it in a book.  I suppose that if it were illegal to pay school teachers that we would only have teachers that were qualified and do it for the result and not because they need the money.

That is how people’s minds got destroyed.  They had imbeciles for mentors.  Those with successful mentors all grew up to be successful themselves.

They were taught to be drones.  Go get a job, work there for 40 years.  Retire with enough money to buy groceries.  That is all you will need as your home will be paid for by then.  What a load of crap!  School teachers can not teach you how to become wealthy because they do not know how.  They went to college.  Had zero skills and experience and so decided to be a teacher.

Now, here you are wanting to become wealthy.  Fortunately, you have found the right place.  It won’t happen over night.  But the only way to fail is to quit.  There are several thousand people willing to help you.  Thousands of people that are already financially independent.  Not just wanna bees.

Are you willing to tell the truth?

Network Marketing is as simple as it gets.  Refer a product, get paid.  Refer a lot of products, get paid a lot.  You already refer things to people every day.  But you have been doing it for free.  When you like something, you tell people.  It’s like a truthful product review.  Now get this.  When you refer a product to someone and they refer that same product to one of their friends, you get a commission on that sale, also.  How good can life get?

When people bad mouth network marketing, it is because they do not understand it.  Why would you take advice from a loser?  More people have become financially independent from MLM than from any other business model.  True story.  All of the rich and famous recommend it.  Donald Trump, Grant Cardone, Bill Gates, Jenna Zwagil, just to name a few.

In order to become successful, you have to have a system.  Our system not only works, it is automated.  Here is a video from a guy that came from literally nowhere to creating a living with this system.  You can tell he still has a way to go, but he probably earns more than you do right now.  He does it from home.

How long does it take?

Typically, network marketing is a three to five year project.  Some people do it much faster.  It just depends on where you are in the personal development arena.  Jenna Zwagil who currently earns more than a million dollars per month with My Daily Choice/Hempworx said recently that “network marketing is personal development with a compensation plan attached.”  You learn as you earn.

That is what makes network marketing different from other business models.  It is a people business.  Even though you can find the people online and may never actually meet any of them.  The skills required to succeed are not taught in school.  They are taught in the Bible.  Things like the Golden Rule.  Love your fellow man.  Simple things that government and schools stay as far away from as they can.

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