The short answer is: forever.  You will not be done until they shovel the dirt over your coffin.  Fortunately, like all businesses, MLM money keeps coming long after your death and supports your children and grand children and is inheritable.

What you really probably wanted to know is how long before I get a check?  Bonuses are paid monthly, so your first residual income will be less than 30 days, and every month thereafter.  How much your income is will depend on how much your business grows.  Also, you must purchase product to qualify for any bonuses.

Now, let’s say you are a typical busy homemaker with an outside job as well as a family to take care of.  You do not have time to be out selling stuff to people, nor should you be.

You have a relative that has occasional seizures.  So you give him some cbd oil everyday and see what happens.  Wow, that stuff is incredible, you say after a while.  Then there is that kid with ADD, ADHD, or autism.  You try it on him.  It is a totally natural product extracted from a plant that God made for this very purpose.  Oh my gosh!  Why didn’t I get this stuff sooner, you say.

One day you go to the store and there is a lady there with a kid that has some problems.  You say to the woman “Well, you know how to solve that don’t you?  She says no so you tell her.  You did not go out to sell anything.  You did not go any where you wasn’t going to go anyway.  You did not waste a single second of time doing a business.  You simply told someone how to solve a problem that they have been struggling with for quite some time.  You handed the lady a business card with a web site URL and told her to go take a look.  That’s all.  The business cards cost $10 at and everything is fully automated.  She goes to the web site, reads the facts and places an order.  She is a distributor in your downline that buys wholesale and will buy every month for the next ten years.  You could have been a pooh pooh head and not helped the woman and not got a check, but you did the right thing and the world is a happier place.

Over the next 3 years you will tell other people about cbd oil.  You will build an organization of buyers.  People in your upline will be telling people also and some of them will be in your downline also.  These people help you achieve higher levels of commissions.  You may even sponsor Jerry, the super salesman, and if you do, both of you will be grateful.

MLM is not a get rich quick scheme and the money will come a little at first and then a little more as you build.

You won’t earn any money unless you start.  Once you start, you automatically qualify for massive tax deductions.  Your home becomes an office, your car mileage is deductible, your phone and Internet are deductible, your utilities are deductible, etc.  Whether you ever make a single sale or not.  So the several thousand dollars you get when you file taxes is a good enough reason to start a business, no matter what you sell.  There is no better product than cbd oil.  CBD oil changes lives.

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