First of all, if you do not view Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing as a career, you will likely never become a multi-millionaire at it.

Many people have spent four years going to college to get a degree in social engineering or some other worthless endeavor only to realize that they could have done just as well with no degree at all.

On the other hand, if you spend the time to really understand how MLM works, you will realize that anyone with determination can become successful and retire in a relatively short time, regardless of IQ or formal education.

Network Marketing is the ultimate free enterprise.  You can work when you want, deduct all of your travel expense from your taxes, and earn 6 figures or more per month.  That is per month!

MLM is not a get rich quick scheme by any means.  Your success is also not guaranteed.  There are a couple of things that have to be right in order for you to succeed.  First, the product must be good.  It helps if the product is absolutely great, but good is good enough.  The company has to have integrity and a competent management team.  The marketing plan has to be incentivized for the small operator with obtainable levels of achievement.  Other than that, the main ingredient required from you is perseverance.

There are a lot of lying bastards and devil worshiping pessimists that will try to discourage you from being successful, but by and large, these people are worthless pieces of shit that are not worthy to suck the crud from between your toes.

Many people have become millionaires and literally millions have become successful enough to quit their day job.

The most important thing that people fail to understand about MLM is that you must duplicate your efforts.  Listen up and remember this:  If you duplicate yourself, you only need to sponsor 2 people in order to be successful.  Generally, you need to sponsor more than 2 in order to qualify for all of the bonuses, but let me explain why you only need to sponsor 2 people if you are duplicating yourself.  If you sponsor 12 people and those people only sponsor one each, have you duplicated yourself?  Hell no!  You have not duplicated yourself until the people that you sponsor have duplicated themselves.  So in other words, if you sponsor two people and they sponsor two people that sponsor two people and so on, you have duplicated yourself.  Now, get this.  How many people are in your organization when you have duplicated yourself four levels deep?  The image at the left shows a binary matrix four levels deep.  Your first level has 2 people.  Your second level has four people.  Your third level has eight people and your fourth level has sixteen people for a total of thirty people plus yourself.  This amount of activity will earn you hundreds of dollars per month in nearly any network marketing program.  How much work did you actually do?  You personally only enrolled two people in total from the entire planet earth.

What you have done is find two people and showed them how to duplicate themselves.

In Hempworx, which is powered by My Daily Choice, the products are health products.  One of which is cbd oil.  CBD Oil actually stops the growth of cancer cells.  Take it and live.  Refuse to take it and the cancer patient may die.  Easy choice.  And it really does work.  And yes, there are literally hundreds of thousands of testimonials.  Millions of testimonials world wide.

Now, do you think you have the capability or a high enough IQ to tell a couple of cancer patients how to beat the disease?  Or is that just too damn difficult?  Because when you save these people’s lives, they are happy as clams and tell everyone they see.  You can’t stop them from telling other people.  Because they are not afraid that someone will say something negative and hurt their feelings and need a safe place to go and cry for a month.


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