First, let’s get one thing very straight.  The government hates you and your children.  If you do not understand this, then you do not understand the battle between good and evil and the Satanic influence that power and greed have over your elected officials.  Even if the elected officials weren’t corrupted by power and greed, many of them would still be controlled by the peddlers of child prostitution and blackmail.

One of the ways that government tries to fool and confuse people is by telling lies and misinformation.  For instance,  “Is CBD legal?”  Specifically for certain countries, everyone wants to know whether it’s legal in their countries so I’m gonna talk about that in a second.

First of all, you need to know that CBD oil can come from both the hemp plant and from medical marijuana.  Both of those plants are different varieties of cannabis but they’re much different in the terms of chemical compounds they have.  Medical marijuana is good for people with certain ailments because it does contain the THC and it can contain any varying level of the THC or any varying level of CBD.

The products that we have on our website at only contain the component CBD and there’s a very, very negligible amount of THC in our products and there is absolutely no chance that you can get high from them because it’s such a very low level that’s present in the hemp plant itself.

So the products on our website are 100% legal throughout the United States in all 50 states because they’re considered a dietary supplementary because they come from hemp oil.  So hemp oil is legal to be imported and to be used and be sold.  Typically, it’s used for things like paper, clothing, different types of textiles and we have a CO2 extraction process that we use to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant and because it’s made from hemp and not medical marijuana, again, it has very, very low levels of THC.  This is why it is a dietary supplement in the United States.

So if you’re living in the United States, it’s very clear that our products, all the CBD oil from hemp plants, they are considered 100% legal and they are considered a dietary supplement by the FDA.  That means it’s legal to ship and consume throughout all 50 states within the US.

Typically police are the least educated in matters of law having never attended law school.  Police simply are not trained in law.  Police are trained to arrest you and to kill you.  Having a gun and a badge allows the bully to really be intimidating.  Even so, the word of a cop is no better than the word of anyone else.  So when Utah cops got a hair up their ass about pulling CBD oil off of shelves and reporting to the media that cbd oil is illegal, they were simply acting like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum about something they know absolutely nothing about.

All cbd oil is not created equal.  Just remember that when you have a question regarding the law, the least informed will be the cop.

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