As most of you know, I discovered a way to not only save money by getting my groceries delivered to my door, but also another income stream that constantly grows and is actually inheritable by my posterity. My neighbor introduced me to some snackies which are sort of like a trail mix but come in a lot of different varieties and taste very good.  I bought some cans of freeze dried food also to add to my food storage.  Wow, they even have meals.  Anyway, I found it more convenient to buy direct and have the stuff delivered than to go shopping and carry the stuff home. The company sent me a few emails about their marketing plan whereby I could earn money by telling other people and I went to their web site and it really wasn’t very clear how it all worked, but I could see it was something I was going to do.  Only idiots don’t have food storage and a little extra money sure wouldn’t hurt me any. I got a letter in the mail from a lady I’d never met that had introduce the person that introduced me and she was offering to answer any questions I might have and as it turned out, I had quite a few. I wanted to earn some money and the sooner the better, but I wasn’t sure just the best way to go about it.  I asked Jen if she could explain the marketing plan a little better to me and she made me a video.
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I realized that I could make some money right away, but that it would take a little time to earn the good money.  The thing is, telling people how to save money on groceries, get their food storage, and build an income stream all at the same time, is not such a difficult task and over time I can build a large customer base.  Even if it takes a couple years, it is far more productive than going to college, and way less expensive. So, if you want to build your food storage as well as get food delivered that you will eat right now, and you want to both save money and earn money, and even leave a perpetual income stream to your children, then you need to go to: and sign up to join my team. I am offering anyone that joins in the next 30 days a free WordPress blog to help you promote your new business.  Oh, and Uncle Sam is offering you massive tax deductions on your new business so you can pay perhaps a few thousand dollars less in taxes next year. The video above shows you one way you can earn an extra $500 in your first month.  It even shows you how you can earn several thousand dollars per month.  Why aren’t you on my team already?

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