50 year old tactics

Back in the old days, an ad in the newspaper or on the radio would bring a hundred or more people to a hotel meeting room to find out what it’s all about.  Well, it still works.

Here is a short 2 minute video from a My Daily Choice leader, showing us how she made 100k Rank.  Pay attention to the room.  Count the people.  Notice how they are dressed.  See the tools she uses.  She has a cheap PA system and a couple big screens.  Notice that the people are just regular Joes and Janices.  She might have made more money doing this in a week than you earn all year.

Events are a wonderful tool.  There are many professional signs, posters, table cloths, banners, display racks, etc., to really make your show come alive!

When you have a group of people like this, they are eager to jump in.  They come here to hear what you had to say.  You have their attention.  Some of them may have even brought people to sponsor.  When you put on an event, you will grow.  And people can see that getting their 5 people is a snap.  Because all they have to do is bring their prospects into the event and you will do the work for them.  Piece of cake.  A walk in the park.  What are you doing wasting time in front of the boob tube?

Your local team can help each other

CBD is hot.  So are Essential Oils.  People already know this.

You have a couple of your friends that want to earn 7 figures a month, also.  Together, you can put on an event.  Just split the advertising costs to get the people to attend.  You can even split the sign-ups.  As those people bring people of their own, your organization will be 5 or 6 levels deep in no time.

Meeting rooms are cheap.  Less than a hundred bucks.  You will sell some products, but the main idea is to get people to buy direct from the company as an affiliate.  Selling products out of your own inventory is not the idea.

Saturation spots on a radio station are relatively cheap, also.  For less than $500, you can hit every market for a couple weeks solid.  You will get an ad as people go to and from work.  Another ad while they are on their lunch hour.  Then you get the people in the evening.  When you think about it, five hundred bucks is pretty cheap to get a hundred affiliates.

Newspaper ads are a lot cheaper.  And flyers are even cheaper than that.  Hire yourself some teenagers to put a few thousand flyers out on the cars at the local super markets.  Want to earn an extra thousand bucks this month?  There are people that are interested in that.  Especially during the covid hoax.  I know covid is real but the hype isn’t.  80% of the people are immune suppressed during the winter months due to a vitamin D deficiency.  There is no such thing as flu season.  Flu virus is not affected by seasons.  Ivermectin is proven to be 99% effective as a prophylactic, so there is not the slightest reason on earth to be concerned about covid.

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