Okay, so you’ve started a new home business, told your friends on fakebook, sponsored your mom, and even started a blog that no one knows how to find.  Fifteen or twenty years ago all you had to do was register your web site with a search engine like AltaVista, list your keywords, and traffic came just like turning on the faucet.  Those days are long gone.  You are competing with hundreds of thousands of pages that are added to the Internet everyday.  Many of them with a message similar to yours.

Google developed a thing called PageRank back in the day that was an indicator of how important a page is.  Today, backlinks, content, and page speed are key. 

Backlinks are web sites that link back to you.  All backlinks are not created equal, however.  The more authoritative the domain that links to you, the better.  While all backlinks count, a link from the Whitehouse carries more weight than a link from your neighbor that nobody has ever heard of.  Google uses DA or Domain Authority to signify the importance of a particular domain.  PA or Page Authority relates to a specific page on a domain.  So you want to get domains that carry weight to link back to your pages or site or both.  Backlinks are the number one way to get Google’s attention.  The best backlinks will use anchor text that is one of your major keywords.  Anchor text is the text that people click on to get to your page.  Anchor text like click here is meaningless.  Also, Google wants to see that links are coming from a website in your niche.  If multiple links come from the same site, it is almost like spam.  Google will not give much weight to the multiple links.  Your backlinks need to come from different sites and of different Domain Authority.  It’s better to get 100 links from unique sites than a thousand links from the same site.

Content is king.  You have probably heard that a thousand times.  Because it is true.  But until people find you and link to you, you are still a very small fish in a very large sea.  Content is your link magnet.  The information you provide in your post is why people will link to you.

You can reach out to other bloggers via email to see if they will link back to you.  You can buy backlinks.

One way you can get back links is to write a guest blog for other people.  You can find people that want guest writers by searching Google as in the following image:

Use Google search queries to find blogs accepting guest contributors:

  • your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • your keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • your keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + bloggers wanted
  • your keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + want to write for
  • your keyword + contribute
  • your keyword + become an author
  • your keyword + guest post by
  • your keyword + now accepting guest posts

Check out what your competition is doing.  Where are their backlinks coming from.  You can find this info if you have an account at ahrefs.

Did you know that you can find a person’s email address?  Finance companies use skip trace sites to find people that defaulted on a loan.  You can also use sites like findemails.com or thrust.io.  Send people an email, introduce your business and ask for a backlink.

When you join a forum online or discussion group, you are associating with people that you have something in common with.  You do not want to spam these people with your business opportunity or message, but you can generally create a signature file.  This means that every time you post on the forum there will be a small message of a line or two where you can place the url of your landing page.  No one will be offended or spammed and people that are interested will visit your site.

Be aware that many sites that offer to supply 300 visitors a day or even a thousand will send bots to your site which show up in Google Analytics, but since they are not human they do not read your content or click on your links.  The visits show on your traffic graph but are of zero value.

Your blog is the single largest thing you can do to promote your business.  You own it.  Unlike social media that can ban you or block your efforts, your blog contains your story and no one can take it from you.  This is the platform that you should promote.  Once your blog has enough backlinks for Google and other search engines to recognize you as an authority in your niche, you will get organic traffic that you do not have to pay for.

To see what backlinks you already have and to verify that you haven’t lost any, use sites like ahrefs or monitorbacklinks.

You do not need to blog every day to create good content.  Nobody has time for this.  But you should spend at least an hour or two per week to create quality content.

If your blog is news worthy, you may get a reporter to create a backlink to your site on their news post.

If your blog is located in a blog farm with 1000 other blogs on the same server, you may wish to change web hosts.  I have been hosting web sites for 20 years and have my own servers.  I upgrade the hardware every couple years to remain state of the art and I never put so many sites on a single server that speed becomes an issue.  I offer free blogs for anyone in my downline.

Your blog can earn you more money than just promoting your business.  You can accept paid ads from third parties.  You can harvest email addresses for another venture.  You can also sell your own backlinks once you become a high enough Domain Authority.

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