Most all of us were recruited into our Network Marketing companies believing that success would come a lot easier than it has. The concept seems simple…the key to MLM success was to just convince a few people to join, who in turn, would recruit a few people, and the cycle would continue until you eventually had thousands of people in your downline and millions of dollars flowing into your bank account on autopilot. Now, while the concept of Multi-level Marketing is, in fact, very simple, what you have probably come to realize is that having a simple system doesn’t necessarily make something easy. MLM Success – When Reality Hits Sometimes the reality of your situation hits within the first month, and other times it takes 3-6 months to finally sink in that finding MLM success is going to be harder than you first anticipated. For most people, this is the critical point in their Network Marketing business. They want to succeed, but they just don’t see how it is going to happen. They’ve done everything they were told to do and it hasn’t worked, and they’re running out of friends and family to talk to about their business. They were told in advance that it wasn’t a get rich quick scheme, but somehow they actually hoped that it was. Now you have to make a decision. Do you want to give up and stay in your rut? Or do you have the courage to do what it really takes to be successful in MLM? Instant MLM Success? Very few people experience instant MLM success. But for some reason, those are the only people you ever see walking up on stage at your company’s events – as if that were the norm. Most of these people built a vast downline in a new company very quickly because they already had a successful downline in a previous company and they wanted to earn an additional 10 million dollars so they told their existing downline to also buy this product each month and move their people over also. It was not because they were magic or brilliant. It was because they were prepared. But if you’re like almost everyone else in this business, all of your friends and family have said no, and if you managed to recruit anybody, they aren’t doing anything. You don’t want to quit and give up on your dreams, but you’re maybe starting to ask yourself things like… -How long can I keep going like this? -At what point does it NOT make sense to keep dumping money into a business that will never succeed? -Am I being a bad parent by putting my time and money into a failing business rather than give my children the time and attention they should be getting and investing that money into their education? Network Marketing is a business. You have to advertise it. Did you think that you could tell a few friends about CBD oil and you would get rich by Friday? You have learned a valuable lesson. Success is a choice! Did you know that poor people have poor people’s ways? Did you know that the reason most people under achieve is because they are afraid to advance out of their comfort zone? It’s like a meme I saw the other day on Fakebook. A teacher is explaining life to a young black kid in the ghetto. The meme said “Now let me get this straight, if I work I have to pay taxes to the government, but if I don’t work the government pays me?” Success is a choice! Three Keys To MLM Success The good news is that almost everyone’s story in Network Marketing starts the same – whether they eventually succeed or fail, almost every single one of us struggle in this business in the beginning. It’s normal to have doubts, it’s normal to want to quit, and it’s normal to ask those questions of yourself and your business. But while all Network Marketers start the same, not all of our stories have the same ending. In fact, you can choose how your story goes – whether it’s a story of MLM success or failure. And here’s how you do it – there are three keys that can help you overcome the notoriously low MLM success rate and practically guarantee MLM success The First Key To MLM Success – Never Give Up And I mean never. The only sure way to fail in this business is to quit. You need to be absolutely committed to success in this business to succeed. If you have the mentality that this is just something you’re ‘trying out’ to see if it works, or if you’ve set any sort of criteria for yourself for quitting (ex. if I don’t make X amount of money by X date, I should quit), then those are some pretty clear signs that you aren’t as committed as you need to be to make your Network Marketing business successful. Not that I’m trying to discourage you – I’m just trying to be honest. You need to make a committed decision as to whether you will succeed in Network Marketing or not. If yes, then great. But if not, then don’t poo-poo the Network Marketing industry because you didn’t want to succeed with your business. MLM success only comes by pushing through a bunch of failures. As an entrepreneur, you never know how many times you will have to fail until you finally succeed. That is why only the most committed people find the most success with their Network Marketing businesses. Remember this: Ninety percent of succeeding is starting and ninety percent of failure comes from quitting. So to eliminate 90% of all failure, start and don’t stop. Your unused BV points roll over in My Daily Choice until you qualify to get paid on them. As long as you are actively talking to people and sending people to your landing pages, you will eventually get some people. The Second Key To MLM Success – Become a Student of the Business In order to make a 6 figure income, you need to learn skills that are worth 6 figures. In other words, you need to become someone whose knowledge and abilities are worth 6 figures. The great thing about Network Marketing is that learning these 6 figure skills costs FAR less and takes much less time than learning 6 figure skills in most other professions. For the most part, you can gain a lot of the skills you need by visiting your sponsor’s and upline blogs and videos. There are thousands of success stories on Youtube in Network Marketing. You can learn for free from the people that have actually done it. Find out what techniques these people used to recruit their people. Hempworx has landing pages where you can simply send people to and the company will follow up on these leads every day and in many cases, close them for you. Find out which newspapers, blogs, or sites you can place ads on for free. Place ads to find the people you are looking for and send them to your sales funnel. I have the copy for a Craigslist ad that I will give you that works. You can place an ad for $5 to $45 a month in almost any city in the United States. When you become a student of this business, you will soon be qualified to teach this business. The Third Key To MLM Success – Take Action The first two keys to MLM success won’t matter one bit if you don’t take action. The one major pitfall that a lot of people fall into is getting stuck in ‘study mode’. You buy all of this great training and you go through it over and over, take notes, develop a plan, but never put it into action. Most of the time, the failure to take action is due to some unanswered questions or out of a desire to make all of your setup ‘perfect’ before you get started. MLM success doesn’t come by starting next week. It comes by starting today. You need to get started and take action NOW and figure out the unanswered questions and improve your presentation as you go. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. MLM Success – Where To Get Started I can’t do much for you concerning the first and third keys to MLM success, but I can help you out with the second key to MLM success. The best free training I’ve found on how to generate leads for your business online can be found right in your own upline. There are training videos and coaches in your back office to help you. In fact, this business was designed for your success. My Daily Choice/ Hempworx is one of only a few companies that were designed from the very beginning for the digital age. You have high definition web pages personalized just for you. You have several unique landing pages where people must enter their name to get the info and the company follows up on them. You can watch your downline grow right in your back office as people are placed in your downline from people in your upline. If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to enter your name on the next page and take the FREE Tour and see if this business is for you.

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