Six months ago, I wrote about being able to fund your retirement.   This time I want to be a little more detailed.  First off, it is a business that you are going to build.  The business will provide a perpetual income stream, once you have built it.  As with building a home or any building, the foundation is the most important part.  If a building has a poor foundation, it will fall to pieces, probably sooner than later.  If a building has a solid foundation, it can withstand wind and storms for many decades.  Perhaps centuries. Network Marketing or multi-level marketing is the simplest model of the free enterprise system.  One can build a huge business without the costs of manufacturing, warehousing, management overhead, and shipping and receiving.  Generally, the only requirements are that you remain active by purchasing product every month, and that you find and build your own customer base.  It helps a great deal if the product is phenomenal, like CBD Oil. In most cases, a person begins with his/her warm market, otherwise known as family and friends.  After this, one moves to the cold market which consists of strangers.  The cold market is where the bulk of your customers will come from in most cases. It can seem like a daunting task to obtain a thousand customers.  But remember, that you do not have to do all of the work by yourself.  If you only got six people in an entire year, that also got six people that year, you would have your six plus their 36 for a total of forty-two customers.  If those 42 got just six in the following year, your customer base would include 252 by the second year.  Not counting if you got another 6 the second year yourself that in turn each did the same.  By the third year, you would have well over a thousand customers in your downline.  But why be a slow poke?  Why not get 50 your first year or a hundred or even a thousand? People that are successful in Network Marketing have a system.  It may be social media.  It may be events.  It may be paid advertising.  Regardless of what the system is, you must continually recruit new customers.  The real beauty in all this is that you only have to get a customer once and then they buy again and again every month for the next 125 years.  And you get a nice commission check every month on all of those purchases. You have to treat it like a business.  You have to nurture it and promote it until it becomes self sustaining.  The only way to fail is to quit.  There is no other possible way to fail. With a good system, you can obtain 50 or more new affiliates a year all by yourself.  If you have problems obtaining 50 new personally enrolled affiliates in a whole years time, your system stinks.  Forget the system that does not work and get one that does.  Many people average more than one a day all year long. Even if you spend a thousand dollars a month on paid advertising, you will only have spent $30k after 3 years and you will have it all back and a lot more by then.
If you spend your thousand a month effectively, you will have commissions of a thousand a month with a year or so and therefore you will be spending nothing.  By the third year in most cases, you are earning enough to quit your job if you want to and just play for the rest of your life.  Of course it would be silly to stop recruiting because you want that times a hundred. Your children inherit it generation after generation. To learn more about or to become affiliated with this fantastic business, simply take a FREE Tour and get started today!

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