Your anonymous data is worth Trillions of dollars

Did you know that you have been giving away your anonymous data for free?  Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have been selling your data for literally Billions of dollars.  They paid you nothing and received a fortune.

Every time you agree to TOS or accept Cookies, you are agreeing that they can take your data and sell it for billions or trillions and give you nothing in return.

They have been taking and selling your data for decades.

Why not get paid for it?

They already take your data.  How hard is it to get paid for it?  Pretty easy, actually.  You have to agree to get paid.  It is free and automatic.  Some people do not want to get paid for their data because they already have too much money.  Even if you do already have too much money, you can still get paid and give the money away.  Please allow me to show you how you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for free.

Watch this short video to get a basic understanding:

It is an affiliate program.  It is completely free to participate.  You are not even asked for a credit card.  Not now and not ever!  You earn $400 for your own data.  And get paid $100 for each person that you refer that becomes an affiliate for free and uses the free software.  You can refer people right now.

The Official public Launch date is December 21, 2021

Before the official launch date, there have been 5000 people testing the software to make sure that everything works correctly and there are no glitches.  I began a month or so ago and as of today, December 16, 2021, I have personally referred 170 people for a total of 621 in my entire group.  You get a back office which shows your group and you can contact your downline and watch things grow so you know which people you can help if you want to.

Here is a screenshot from my back office showing the numbers of people I have in each level of my group.  You get paid 16 levels deep.  So you earn $400 for your own data.  You earn $100 for each person that you personally refer.  On levels 2 through 16, you are paid $5 for each one of those.  All payments are annual.  You do not have to wait a year to get paid, however.


This can be a tremendous amount of money.  In my case, I receive $400 for my own data.  I receive $100 each for the 171 people that I personally referred.  I receive $5 each for the remaining 230 people in my group.  So $400 plus $17,100 plus $1,150 means that I have already earned $18,650.00.  Not bad for my first month of part time effort.  Earnings are annual so in reality, I would divide this by 12 to get my actual earnings for the month.  That would be $1,554.16.  Now keep in mind that I became an affiliate for free.  Naturally, I will place more effort into the project next month.

Anyone can participate

A husband can refer a wife, child, sibling, neighbor, etc.  Affiliates do have to be at least 18 years old.  This is a worldwide opportunity available to anyone in any country.  The company, 5 Billion Sales, is based in the United Kingdom and payments are calculated in American dollars.

This is the easiest and best affiliate program to ever exist!  You can earn $100 every year, just for referring your sister.  It costs her nothing to join.  She does nothing different than she ever did and she gets paid $400 for her own data.  Every year.

This is so easy that even the homeless can do it.  They get paid $400 just for deciding to do it.  They get an additional $100 for every participant that they refer.  Nobody is required to spend any money.

Easy ways to share

The company provides several different images, sample emails, and other helpful ways to share in your back office.  A simple one liner on your Facebook wall might earn you several thousand dollars.  Want to earn $400 in the nest 12 seconds?  Click Here.  How hard is that?

You can share on all of your social media for free.  With very little effort, you can create a perpetual residual income of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  Many people will do it without spending a single penny.

Here is a funny, but true story.  I eat lunch at McDonalds often enough that one of the girls working the window actually recognizes my voice.  We joke about it and have actually became sort of like friends.  So one day, I hand her a business card I had printed up that simply says: Earn $400 to participate for free and earn $100 for everyone that you refer.  Watch this short video at:

I tell her to watch the video when she gets home after work.  We have talked many times as I drive through the window and she is young and single and is looking for a way to earn more money.  She has even asked me many times to suggest to the manager at the pick-up window that she get a raise for being such a good employee.  So a couple days later, when I come through the window, she says to me that she does not have time for such a project.  I do not want to be rude so I just let it go.  But in my mind I am thinking that she must be too stupid to be considered human.  How much time does it take to ask your friend or relative if they would like to earn $400 in the next 30 seconds without spending a penny?

Humor or truth?

Now I realize that there are scams out there from time to time, but if a person was to wonder if this is a scam, they have to be incredibly stupid.  How can it me a scam when it is free?  Naturally, there is truth to the fact that many people are poor simply because they want to be.  This is truly so easy that even a moron can do it.  And what is the very worst thing that can happen?  The person does not refer anyone and so only earns $400 per year for doing absolutely nothing different than they already were.

The video on the business card is old and outdated.  I have many better videos on my Youtube channel.  But the business cards do still work.  This is the easiest way that I know of to earn a hundred thousand dollars in the next 12 months without having to get a job.

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