OK so you are now a member of the NFL (No Friends Left).  Sometimes friends and family are interested in your new Network Marketing venture and sometimes they are not.  It really doesn’t matter because chances are very good that they weren’t going to make you rich anyway.  They will generally purchase your product if it is a good one and really that is all you want.  If they really like the product, they will tell other people.  Not because they want to help you build your business, but because they genuinely like the product.  If the product you sell isn’t that great, then maybe you better join my team of CBD enthusiasts.

With a life changing product like CBD Oil, many people will want it simply because there isn’t another product on the face of the earth that has such a powerful effect on the human body.  And I don’t mean getting high.  If you Google CBD Oil you will find hundreds of millions of testimonials from people that simply would not want to live without it.  You can’t say the same thing about a cosmetic or hokus pokus creme that simply smells good or moisturizes your skin.  The human body actually has CBD receptors that have no other purpose than to enhance your immune system, brain, and other body parts when cbd is introduced into the body.  This means that God created hemp for the benefit of mankind, and that He fully expected humans to use it.

Once you have a few people in your downline and are making a little money, some of your friends will take another look.  But even if they don’t, just keep plugging away.  If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect other people to?  Do you think Bill Gates asked a couple friends what they thought about joining a new software company that may become the biggest in the world?  And if someone said “No, I don’t believe in that sort of thing”  do you think Bill would have said “OK, then I guess I won’t do it.  I just wanted your opinion”.

So when people ask me what they can do to get their business rolling, I ask them how many leads a day they are currently generating?  Oh, none?  Where are you currently advertising?  No where?  Well, how do you expect people to join your business if they don’t even know it exists?

If you haven’t noticed, we are in the Internet age.  Fakebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, MeWe, Pinterest, and probably a thousand more.  Have you already told everyone there?  Most of these places earn money to stay in business by selling advertising.  Do you want your business to succeed bad enough to place a $50 or $100 ad?  How about an ad in the newspaper for free?  Some papers are not free but are generally only $20 or so.

Do you have a sales funnel that collects the names and addresses of people that visit and responds daily with an email auto-responder?  Are you saving those email addresses on your local computer?  My Daily Choice / Hempworx has a variety of personalized pages for products and financial opportunity.  But they also have landing pages where people have to enter their name to get the information.  If you run an ad and leave a link to one of your highly informative personalized web sites, you may never get a response.  That is because they will take a brief look and miss 99% of what is there and think they know all about it and will leave and forget.  But when you send them to one of your company provided landing pages, they enter their name and will receive multiple emails regarding features they did not know about.  During this time, if you have a steady list of leads, people that are taking the free tour, then every new lead will see the downline grow right before their eyes.  Gee, that never happened with the cosmetic company you tried or Tupperware.

When you develop a system for generating leads for your sales funnel, your organization will grow.  When individual team members see this growth in their own downline as a result of your efforts, they will want to do it, also.  And that right there is what makes Multi-level Marketing work.  Duplication.  If the system is too complicated, they won’t do it.  It has to be easy enough that even a democrat can do it.

People that you meet in person are the best leads, because you can answer their questions right now.  You can show them that it is working for you.  And if you are serious about your business, you will be willing to advertise it to people that you do not know.

Of course, the best long term medium for exposure is your own personal blog.  It can take a year or two to get organic traffic, but you can speed things up a bit by getting back links.  Each of your blog posts should have a CTA (Call To Action) which is generally a link to your landing page.  Once you start getting organic traffic from searches on a search engine, your leads are costing you nothing.

If you haven’t joined my team already, please take a moment to fill out the form and take a free tour into your own actual back office personalized for you.  See if this business is for you.

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