Can you sponsor too many people?  You can if you run out of money before you find the 5 that will get 5.  If you run ads that bring in hundreds of affiliates that you do not work with, they will quit.  And if they quit, you have wasted the money it took to get them.

I will show you how you can become a multi-millionaire by sponsoring only five people.  The secret is in helping those five people to get their five people.

Pyramid vs MLM

Consider why pyramids are illegal.  Besides the obvious fact that they have no products to sell.  I was in a pyramid company back in 1983 or so and here is how it operated.  Each applicant was issued a card.  The card had places to write people’s names.  When I got someone to join, I gave the money to the company and they validated the name and entered the sponsorship into the computer.  There was no possibility of a dead line as each name went under the previous one in the first empty spot on the matrix.  There were no orphans.  It was a forced matrix.  When the card was full of names I went in and got my payout of $500 in cash.  Took me about a week.

Now take a look at the typical MLM.  A person sponsors a hundred or more people and most of them do nothing.  The new people find it difficult to sponsor new people and they do not know how to do it correctly.  Their upline tells them to just keep sponsoring and if they sponsor enough new people, some will be of value eventually.

Now assume a person joins a MLM and refuses to personally sponsor more than 5 new people.  As soon as he sponsors the first one, he helps that person get his first one instead of getting another one for himself.  He then helps the first one and the second one to sponsor someone.  He has to teach the first level to sponsor a second level that will teach the next level to do the same thing.  Only when his newly sponsored person is three levels deep does he search for another one for himself.  In this manner, he is forcing his matrix to grow deep.  There is not a chance in hell that anyone with an organization three levels deep will quit because the third level has been taught to go three levels deep before he looks for another personal sponsorship.

No need to sponsor over 5 until you are earning 5 figures a month

Now a person that does not know any better, will go sponsor 25 people and a couple of them may sponsor one or two and one sponsors three.  That is 33 people in his downline.   The smart person will have this organization when he has 33 in his downline as indicated in the image at the right.  Notice that of the three people he personally sponsored, the first two are solid and will never quit.  They would rather die.

The third person is well on the way to being solid.  Not a single person that was serious about building a business will quit.  They would have to be incredibly stupid to quit because their commissions are larger than the money they spend on product.  None of the people in this example spent a single penny on paid advertising.  Every single person that got sponsored was taught that it is not duplication until it reaches the third level.  So the only job a person has is to duplicate him or herself.  Five times.  And it is not necessary to sponsor a single additional person until you have 5 that have five.

Now, imagine the time and money wasted by the person that sponsored 25 and not a single one of them are earning more in commissions than their products cost.

You need a mentor

This is why you need a mentor.  A mentor that already earns millions of dollars and can prove it.  I point all of my people to where they can learn from the millionaire maker.  The fact that I earn less than a million dollars per year has no bearing on the success of my downline.  It isn’t about me.  And it isn’t about you, either.  So when someone asks you how much money you are making, you simply answer, “It isn’t about me.”  Of course, when a person first starts they are not earning a million dollars.  It does not mean the opportunity is any less valid.   Grant Cardone is a Billionaire.  This short video explains his number one important thing.

Never lie to your people or encourage them to sponsor a lot of people.  Five that gets five that gets five that gets five will make you a multi-millionaire.

Just 5 people can make you rich

Now I realize that there are many people out there that say you can’t quit sponsoring and go into management mode.  While this is true when taken in the proper context, it is rarely, if ever, stated by a person that does not already have his/her 5 gets 5 complete already.  And really, you should never stop sponsoring because there is no reason to be satisfied with the money you already have.  And also, you should NOT be taking advice from anyone that does not have 5 that got 5.  Also people die and must be replaced.

The point I have tried to make here is that if you work with your people, they will not quit.  People that sponsor a lot of people do not have the capability to work with all of those people and so consequently, they quit.  No successful business, or even the military, ever has anyone that manages a thousand people.  Not even a hundred.  Even Jesus only had twelve.

Get a mentor.  Someone that is already incredibly successful in this business.  It is not necessary to start over.  You just have to learn from better people.  Your foundation is already started.  Five people is not that many.  Every successful network marketer on earth will tell you the money is in building deep.  So quit sponsoring wide.

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