You want to get as many eyeballs on your opportunity as you can.  You do this by sending people to your landing page to take a free tour.  The link to your landing page is rather cumbersome for some.  Something like and there is a possibility that someone may spell it wrong or not remember it or for whatever reason not get it right.  Some people think they are being clever and delete everything after the dot com and so they do not go to your landing page and do not get the 50 people a day in their downline that they would have if they hadn’t been so “clever”.  Their cleverness just cost them 5 grand a month.  But it also cost you 5 grand a month so buy a domain name like or something easy to remember and easy to spell.  Then simply have your host forward the domain to your landing page.  I have my own web servers and can do this for you for free if you want.  Then the link on your business cards is easy to remember and easy to spell.  If you purchase your domain name at they are on sale right now for just $8 for the first year.  After that, you can either renew it or drop it.  

Another little tip that you may have overlooked is how people enter their email address when they take the free tour.  If they type something like JohnForgetful@gmail and leave off the dot com or if they leave a space anywhere in their email address, they won’t get a welcome from My Daily Choice and they also won’t get any of the sales funnel automated responder emails.

I copy the information in my Contact Manager into a spreadsheet.  I can ten see if an email address is obviously incorrect and I can fix it and send them a personal welcome.  No need to overwhelm them with information.  Just let them know that you are there to help if they want it.  You may include a link to your blog but that is probably best left until after they become an affiliate.  Once they are an affiliate, you want to help them all you can.  But until then, just let the company auto-responders do their magic.  Of course, if their email address was wrong then there will be no company messages and it is all up to you.

You get a feel for it.  Some people do not want to be bothered.  However, if Mary Jones comes in as an affiliate at the Executive level and a couple months go by and you see that she doesn’t have many or any in her downline except for the many in her power leg, you may want to reach out to her and giver her a hand.  Tell her how you are getting your leads.  Remember that duplication is key and when she discovers how to do it, she will.

If you are not already a member of my team, please take a moment now and take this Free Tour to see if this business may be for you.

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