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Comparing prices with any major bullion dealer on earth takes only a few minutes.  On any of out items, whether bullion or coin, we have the absolute lowest price.  As you may know, silver doubled in price from $14 US to $29 US in less than 3 months.  So if you had traded your $10,000 money market certificate that the bank is paying almost nothing on for silver in June, 2020, you could have sold it for $20,000 cash US in August.  That would have meant a cool ten thousand dollar profit.

While I am not a financial advisor, I have been buying silver for many decades and I do watch the market.  I read articles and watch videos associated with building wealth.  Many people, some of which are financial advisors, expect the price of silver to double again.  And again. And again!

You need to do your own research to understand why the fiat currencies of the countries around the world are virtually worthless.  Silver has been real money since Bible times.  In the 1800s when the United States left the silver standard for the gold standard, many things changed.  This inspired the movie “The Wizard of Oz.”  When President Nixon abandoned the gold standard for a backed by nothing standard, it was the beginning of the end for American currency.


Not only do we have gold and silver in bullion as well as coins, we also have collectible coins which are graded by world grading agencies to verify quality.  While the cost of numismatics is greater than the price of the base metal, the value is determined by it’s collectability.  Often times a coin that is graded as an MS70 which is the highest possible grade, can increase in value as much as 500% or more in a single year.  This may be because it is an olympic coin or an anniversary of something.  It can even be a collectable item that is not a coin.  Depending on the number of coins produced, or the image on the coin, and other factors, increase in demand creates an increase in value.

We have many graded coins from mints around the world.  Prices are different for an American Silver Eagle than an Australian or British coin, even though both contain the same one ounce of silver.


For those of you that want to make a purchase every month, we have a variety of subscriptions.  These are different coins or packages every month, based on the price and type of purchase you wish to make every month.  Obtaining an auto-shipment makes it easy and fun.  Prices start at only $14 per month.  You can build your wealth over time.  Over a 20 or 40 year time period, you can acquire a vast amount of bullion or coin.  Since silver and gold are real money, you are able to trade your fake money for it every month.  Since the United States was formed, gold and silver have climbed while fiat currency has declined.  Bullion can be an excellent retirement program.

This video relates to European currency, but the principle is the same.


Highly Profitable Affiliate Program

Even though we have the absolute lowest prices, we still have an incredibly profitable affiliate program.  In fact, I will give you a free bar of silver just to take a look at it.  Visit: http://passivestrategy.net  People are earning tens of thousands of dollars per month and have no inventory or shipping headaches.  The affiliate program includes personalized web ites, landing pages, and a sales funnel with email follow-up drip system.  We even have leads for sale if you choose to do an email marketing campaign.

Online Store

As an affiliate you get your own online silver and gold store.  The prices are the lowest on the Internet.  You earn 10% commission on any sales to your web site.  Our prices are so low that in most cases you can make an immediate profit by reselling them.

If you are interested in creating your own wealth program, please click on the banner below.  You will see immediately how low the prices are.  You can be on your way to vast wealth in just a few minutes.


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