It seems like everywhere you look, you see cbd oil.  You can even buy cbd at the gas station.  However, all cbd is not created equal.  Some is actually only hemp oil made from seeds and actually contains no cbd at all. CBD or cannabidiol is a pretty hot item right now and people that are already in the market are advertising everywhere to increase their market share and those not in the market yet are getting there as quickly as they can. The explosion has only just begun.  Sure, many copy cats want in on the explosion, but it takes time and money to plant a hemp farm, build warehouses, offices, extraction labs, and provide shipping and receiving facilities.  Unique product explosions last around 15 years.  After that, it is pretty much a commodity like milk or bread.  Sales are no longer exploding but the hundreds of millions of users continue to buy every month just like bread and butter.  The sales never stop.  Some people get in while it is still exploding.  Others wait until the explosion is over.  Those that want to be healthy, start using the product immediately upon discovering it.  All mammals milk contains cbd.  It is essential for early brain growth and immune system development.  But the body requires cbd even after nursing is over.
Big Pharma tried to hide the cancer killing, natural, substance created by God because it is natural and can not be patented.  Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and while much research is being done worldwide regarding cancer and other ailments, the research is ongoing.  A simple Google search will result in many claims, many of which are scientific reputable sources.  You should rely on your own research before making a decision.  They make hundreds of billions of dollars keeping people in hospitals on drugs.  So the FDA approved a fake (synthetic) cbd that they can patent.  But why use a fake when you can have the real thing?

President Trump signed the Farm Bill which removed hemp from the controlled substances list, made it legal in all 50 states, and gave the tobacco farmers a crop to grow that heals instead of kills.  The body was designed to heal itself.  Until everyone uses cbd, there will be disease.  Perhaps even after.  CBD doesn’t solve everything.  But it does solve a lot.

Some people will take vaccines which contain aluminum, mercury, or other fatal substances.  Others will prefer a natural, non toxic approach with no side effects.  Some will understand the benefits in less than 5 seconds.  Others will take years to try something new.  Some will live and some will die.  Most people realize that when everyone is trying to sell cbd, there must be something to it.

CBD is a hot item right now and new discoveries are made about it every day.  CBD was used in Biblical times and every single one of our Founding Fathers grew hemp.  The Declaration of Independence was signed on hemp paper.  Big Pharma convinced the government to outlaw research so that people would remain sick and stupid.  The cat is out of the bag.  The bell can not be unrung.

Keep in mind that the United States is the only country on the earth that even allows possession of cbd unless the THC has been removed.  This will change.  And when it does, the entire earth is open up as a marketplace.  Right now, affiliates in Canada and Australia and other places, have to register with their government as a drug dealer in order to distribute God’s creation to humanity.

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