If I could show you a way to earn a generational income that you can put on auto-pilot that could grow to 5 or 6 figures in less than 5 years, would you be willing to pay $20 to get the system started?  The reason I have to ask is because some people are not willing to invest $20 in their future.

For just $20 you can become an affiliate in Hempworx.  This allows you to participate in the compensation plan.  The compensation plan pays you for sharing the benefits of cbd oil.  CBD Oil is a natural extract from the Hemp plant.  The hemp plant is a member of the cannabis family, but unlike marijuana, it does not contain THC in a large enough amount to get high.  The THC content may be as high as three tenths of one percent, .003 and has been deemed safe by the FDA.  It is legal in all 50 states and with the signing of the Farm Bill by President Trump, is now a national crop and no longer on the controlled substance list.  This means that tobacco farmers can switch to hemp, from which comes many things including rope, paper, plastic, etc.  As a matter of fact, the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

Just how much money can you earn with Hempworx?  There is not a limit.  Many people are already earning tens of thousands of dollars each month.

Is it possible to lose money with Hempworx?  I personally do not know of a way that anyone can lose money by participating in the Hempworx compensation plan.  The only product that you ever buy is whatever you want for personal consumption.  There is a minimum of 40 BV (about $69.00) per month in order to be considered active.  You have to be active in order to receive commissions.

Because network marketing can be implemented simply by word of mouth, it is possible to recruit members to your team without spending any money.  Social media has been a very successful method of advertising for many people.  In fact, your entire business can be run and managed online.

You receive a back office which tracks statistics, advertising campaigns, team membership, sales, and other valuable criteria included in the one time $20 fee to join.  You also receive several personalized web sites, landing pages, and automated sales funnels which can close your prospects without you having ever talked to or emailed them.

One of the primary concepts of network marketing is that you receive a small commission on the purchases of a lot of people.  How do you get a lot of people in your customer base?  You tell a few people that tell a few people that in turn tell a few other people.  Just imagine that you told 5 people that told 5 people.  That would be your five plus the twenty five that they told for a total of 30 people.  The tenth level down would have over a million people on just that level.  The company pays 10 levels deep.  Realistically everyone will not get 5 people.  Some will get 20 and some will get none.  You won’t know the real numbers until you actually do it.  Just remember that in this example, you only got five people yourself.

Because network marketing takes time to build an organization, many people quit when they were actually on the very verge of success.  For instance, sometimes a person will join and sponsor a few people of which some of those even sponsored some people.  Let’s say for example that Joe sponsored 5 people and 2 of those each sponsored a couple.  Joe had expectations that he was going to be rich by Friday and so when after 5 months he was only earning a hundred dollars a month, Joe quits.  But his people didn’t quit.  They went on to sponsor several hundred people over the next 2 years.  Joe missed out.

The first year in the home based business of network marketing is like building a foundation.  The second year is like framing the building.  The third year can be like moving in.  You have to view this working at home business as a 5 year plan.  If you quit anytime before the 5 years, someone else can reap the rewards of what you have built without you.

Five years is a very short amount of time to build such massive generational wealth.  Some people invest 4 or more years in college and are still unemployed.  With network marketing, the only way to fail is to quit.

If you want to learn more about the business that I am in, please take a free tour.

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