Okay, so it’s already 11:00 AM and you are still in your underwear.  You might could get used to this work at home gig.

But what about your computer?

  • Have users ensure their home WiFi connection is secure. Now is a good time to reset WiFi passwords and provide access only to trusted individuals.
  • Remind users to never leave written passwords out where they can be seen. Consider using a password manager to keep track of login credentials and enable two-factor authentication for online accounts whenever possible.
  • Help users ensure that their device is updated with the latest OS and security patches.
  • Have users connect to the company-provided VPN if available. If not, you can setup your own, or search for one that has a good reputation.  Some cost less than $5 a month.
  • Remind users to take caution when clicking links. Working from home often means increased distractions and less scrutiny when presented with hyperlinks that arrive via email, Slack, etc. You should absolutely have a malware and anti-virus software installed on all computers connected to the Internet.  Some of the more famous anti-virus software in the United States are themselves a virus and do operations in the background without asking you first.  Never trust an anti-virus from the USA.
  • Reiterate that as a user, they are the most important last line of defense for security. When working from home, it’s critical to maintain good security behavior.
  • You should have a daily backup system of every computer connected to the Internet.  Store the backup files off-site somewhere like Google Drive where the cost is free or close to it and if your computer is stolen, you won’t lose your backup data.
  • You may even consider a hardware solution such as a Barracuda Firewall.

If you have a server, you need to have daily backups on that also.  Any employees should have to log in to the server in order to access spreadsheets or databases that are shared from the server.

Create Additional Income Streams

Save all of your leads for later use, even if you are certain they are not interested in your particular business.  They may be interested in a different business and there is a huge market for solo ads.

One very convenient thing about working at home is that you can have multiple income streams.  And now that millions of other people are working from home, you can create an income stream by helping those people create an income stream of their own.  For instance, if a person has lost their job because of over hyped fear of the Covid-19 virus, you can show them a way to earn money from home that can exceed what they were earning at the slave plant they just left.  You can take a FREE Tour right now and see how it all works.  You don’t have to warehouse any products or build a manufacturing plant.  All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.

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