Lots of people claim that they want to be rich.  Most of them are not willing to do what it takes to become rich, however.  So if you are one of those people that say they want to be rich, first look in the mirror and decide if you are a liar, joker, or for real.  If you are lying or joking, then you will likely end up somewhere between homeless on skid row and earning enough money to get by. How many people do not own their own property because they think they can’t afford it?  Truth is that even a welfare recipient can buy land with no money down and finance it for 15 years with payments as low as $100 a month for a 10 acre parcel.  This happens everyday in rural America.  Many live in a recreational vehicle while they build their own home.  If you do your own labor, you can build a pretty nice home for 50 grand.  People do it everyday.  Takes 5 years to build as you can afford it and then you have a home that is paid for.  So why doesn’t everyone do it?  Because some people have manure for brains and think buying a new car or truck is smart, when in fact it may be the dumbest investment on earth.  Poor people have poor people’s ways.  Rich people don’t do stupid crap like buying a new car or truck until they can afford it.  If you have to finance it, you can’t afford it. So what is the magic number you need to know to become wealthy?  And what strategy will you use as a vehicle to turn the magic number into perpetual income?  Are you ready? The magic number is five thousand and the strategic vehicle is Network Marketing.  5000 is the amount of people that you need to send to your sales funnel.  I should point out that it doesn’t take as long as you might think to have 5000 visit your landing page.  Twenty-five people a day will reach 5000 visitors in just 200 days.  So really, you can obtain 7500 visitors to your sales funnel in a year or so without too much effort.  And you certainly do not quit just because you have had ten or twenty thousand people take a look at your opportunity.  You never quit recruiting.  The reason I chose the number 5000 is because by then you will have a network that in all probability will continue to grow even if you did quit. It is impossible to predict the number of people that will do anything.  However, using my own results as well as those published by other network marketing professionals will give us a guide to use as an example. Most people fail to succeed at MLM or network marketing because they do not understand how it works.  Network marketing is the purest form of free enterprise that exists.  It entails recruiting a sales and customer base that will produce enough commission every month to make one financially independent.  The average person in a network marketing company recruits just 2.6 people in total.  Most actually sponsor zero new people.  So clearly, this is not for your average socialist that wants something for nothing. To succeed in MLM you need a system or strategy that will enable you to send a steady flow of prospects to your sales funnel. You do NOT need to sponsor 5000 people to become financially independent.  But you DO need to have thousands of people take a look at your opportunity.  Using average numbers across the industry, if you send 5000 people to your sales funnel, .5% will take the business serious.  That is 25 people that will sponsor other people and grow their business.  One percent or 50 will join and do nothing.  These are cold market numbers of people that do not know you.  Percentages of people you know will be much higher.  Of the 25 that take the business serious, only 5 will become financially independent as a result.  Another 25 to 50 people will be active for less than 3 months. Just 5 people that take the business serious and sponsor people regularly is enough to make you financially independent in any MLM company out there. It is a three to five year project.  Even if you found your 5 rockstars the very first day, it takes 3 to 5 years to build a large enough downline to create perpetual growth and the numbers to produce a 5 figure income. I know of no way that is less expensive to become financial independent that virtually anyone can do.  Unlike winning a lottery ticket, this is pretty much a guarantee as long as you don’t quit.  Having a vehicle like Hempworx with fantastic products that in and of themselves create massive public interest, as well as the company supplied sales funnels that close the prospects for you, make this particular opportunity virtually foolproof.  While the success of any given individual can not be guaranteed by anyone, there are sufficient numbers over the last 50 years to back up the percentages. What this means is that if you are not already at least on your way to becoming financially independent, it is because you do not want to be.  Or perhaps you simply did not know how until now.  Success is a choice! If you want more information on this opportunity, please take a free tour and see if this business is for you.      

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