Money from the past

Several times a year I get someone that took my tour quite a long time ago and they saved my email address and they wonder if I am still involved with My Daily Choice and will I sponsor them.  Something happened in their life to open the window of opportunity.  When they first took the tour, there was something in their life that prevented them from pursuing success.  Now, they are ready.

Sometimes when I am scrolling down the pages of people that made me money I come across a name I don’t recognize.  I look them up in my tree to see which leg they are in and who sponsored them.  Many times, the person that sponsored them has quit and they are missing out on the commissions.  They had a golden goose opportunity but was looking for the lottery.  They was not willing to wait while they built and so now the money goes to me instead of them.

Once in a while someone comes across a blog post or Youtube video I did a year or two ago and follow a link to my landing page.  When they become an affiliate, it is a result of work I did a long time ago.  I still get paid on work I did 2 or even 3 years ago.

People ask me how long I have been doing it?  They wonder if they should follow me.  Actually, it is not about how many people follow me.  It is about how many leaders I was able to help create.

Leadership Development

How many times have you heard someone say that they owe their success to a book they read or a mentor?  What is it that makes these books or mentors so special?  They change the evil programming that public schools taught us.  Teachers are not successful.  They have never achieved anything of importance.  Nor have they ever built a team.  They have never created vast wealth.  How can they teach something they do not know?  They can’t.  And so as a result they lie to us.  They attempt to destroy our lives by getting a job, working 40 years, and retire with a watch.

Now, for 70% of the population, that is enough.  They will die broke and someone else will have to pay for their funeral.  Some will have their body burned in a furnace because they could not afford a casket.  These are the people that all through their life, they could not afford a measly thousand dollar expense.  They lived paycheck to paycheck.  The life they chose.  Whenever someone come along talking success, they quickly departed.  They wanted no part of a better life.  They believed that they were doomed to mediocrity.

Three percent of the population are driven to succeed and you can not stop them.  They don’t want to hear your lies about being happy with nothing.  The socialist life is not for tham.  They want something better and they know they deserve it.  And they get it.

Twenty-seven percent of the population are normal people.  We want something better.  And we will get it if someone shows us how.  We are not necessarily the smartest, fastest, strongest, or best looking, but we know we were made for something better.  We just need a way to do it.

Duplicate-able Systems

There are a thousand success and motivation books.  The author tells you what his secret was.  What he achieved, and how he did it.  But many times this is not something that just anyone can do.  His or her success may have been due to a special talent or physical prowess.  If you do not possess these, you will not be able to do what they have done.

If I have a system that even a caveman can do, something so simple that anyone can do it.  It can be duplicated.  McDonalds has a training school.  Every McDonalds franchise does things the same exact way.  If you want to do it different, they will fire you.  They do not want thinkers.  They want people that will follow a proven system that works.  It has worked all across America and in many other countries.  Do not attempt to re-invent the wheel.

MDC provides several systems for free

Look in your back office and click on My Websites.  Then click on Capture pages.  There are a couple dozen different landing pages that are personalized just for you.  When you send a prospect to one of these pages, they are given a presentation.  They are given the opportunity to become an affiliate.  In most cases, this is all that it takes and the work is done for you.  The ones that do not become an affiliate are placed on an automated email drip system that will maintain contact with them for up to 6 months.

Once a person becomes an affiliate, you email them a welcome letter and welcome them into the business.

I wrote a blog post the other day about several duplicate-able systems.  You are not limited to just one system.  You can even try new things and develop your own systems.  Just do not neglect the systems that have already been proven to work over a period of many decades.

When you have a system that anyone can follow, there is no excuse for failure.

If you are not already on my team, but would like to be, please take my free tour and see if this business might be for you.

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