One thing we learned from the covid debacle is that governors and mayors can decide which jobs are not essential and shut them down.  They have the God syndrome.  Unfortunately, it is actually the Luciferian agenda.  Walmart can sell flowers, but the local store that promotes love and gratitude can not.  You can’t go to church, but you can buy liquor, beer, and marijuana.  Only dedicated disciples of satan think this is the correct way.

But simply being in business or self employed is not the answer.  You need to be in the right business.  And it helps a great deal if your startup cost is under a grand and you don’t need a warehouse.

Free Agency

Freedom of choice was the greatest gift our Creator gave us.  We can be anything we want.  Some will be doctors, some will be lawyers, and some will clean toilets.

Many people sell their time for money.  This is very inhibiting since there are only 24 hours available in each day.  Some will buy people for a set amount of time.  I pay you and I own you during this time.  Anything you invent is mine.  Get back to work, slave!

Some will be perpetual students.  They get out of High School and like it so much, they go for more.  After 4 years of college and having achieved nothing of value, and having no skills other than reading a book, some decide to be a teacher.  They are complete idiots when it comes to earning money and have no real life experience, but they can read the book before the child and therefore become a state paid baby sitter.  When they want more money, instead of promising to do better work, they refuse to work at all.

Others will not conform to being a slave and have visions of greatness of vast value to all of mankind.  Many of our highest achievers were drop outs.  When they asked their teacher how to earn enough money to buy a Lamborghini, their teacher had not the slightest idea.  She had no knowledge of how the world works.  Government check from taxpayers like public assistance called a public school teacher whose job is to instill mediocrity.  Teaching by example.

Helping other people

Remember Mother Teresa?  World famous.  She found millions of dollars to help her fellow man while living in relative poverty.  When you help enough other people get the things that they want, you will automatically get the things that you want.

Have you ever recommended a movie or hotel to anyone?  Of course, you have.  Did you get paid?  Probably not.  Imagine getting paid for referring things to people that would improve their life.  Wow!  What a job that would be.  Work full or part time.

Here is a short clip of Eric Worre interviewing Robert Kiyosaki.  It might just change your life.

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