I was rather proud of myself for helping this guy move some stuff to his new place. A furnace to keep warm this winter and a few sheets of OSB to put on the roof. Especially with the weather. It snowed and rained, the wind blew, it was cold. He got hit by a speeding tanker, totaling his truck a few days ago. The seat belt bruised him and the airbag made his nose bleed. He was pretty banged up. He needed this help.

I drove the first couple miles up the narrow, rocky road, carved out of the mountainside winding to the top of the canyon. I locked the gate, some 3 miles from where we had gone. I asked Audrey if she wanted to drive and she felt confident. She navigated the rough terrain less than experienced, but getting there. Another couple miles and we hit pavement. Then she drove down the highway until we reached the final 4 or 5 miles of rocky road. There were areas of rock, gravel, and just plain sand and sometimes some dirt. It had rained all night and then snowed and rained some more.

She hit a stretch of deep puddles and thick mud. Going straight about 45 mph. She hit a slick spot and slid sideways, slammed on the brakes and turned the truck sideways on the road. I yelled “Off of the brake” and finally she let off the brake with the truck sideways on the road and the truck pulled the trailer into the deep ditch and up the other side being stuck in the mud. And four wheel drive doesn’t help. I determined that I was not going to be able to get it out of the ditch so I got out and told Audrey “It’s a few miles so we better get on it. We probably won’t make it before dark.”

I called my friend and got his voice mail. I told him where we were and that we were walking if he was around close by or even home. He called a few minutes later and asked where we were at. He showed up a half hour or so later and gave us a ride back to the truck and pulled it out of the ditch. A tow truck could not have got there that fast. His coming to help us really made a difference. Saved us walking miles on a muddy road in the dark and still having to get a vehicle back out there to pull the truck out of the ditch. On the one hand, he wasn’t wild about leaving his warm home and traveling a few miles in the cold and ice to help someone that caused their own problem. I mean, I asked him “How do you even do that on a straight road?” Audrey knows she screwed up big time. But I never saw a problem situation solved so quickly and with such ease in my life. Calling a friend may have saved our life. Audrey has asthma and it showed.

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