What is TikTok?

Tic Tok is really gaining traction and represents an entirely new audience.  TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world.  It presents an alternative version of online sharing.  So, unlike posting a 60 second video on Fakebook where nobody really cares, when you post on Tik Tok, you have a completely different crowd.  Since Tik Tok is relatively new, you can be among the first to figure out how to get a thousand new affiliates and spread the word to your downline.

Fakebook has helped many people become millionaires in My Daily Choice.  No doubt, Tik Tok will also.  Here is your chance to have a million new people take a look at your opportunity and it costs you zero.  What are you waiting for?

It’s fair to assume that these social media channels will be the platforms of choice for marketers and influencers in the coming months, but then, it’s also essential to look forward to the channels the next generation will use.

A whole New Crowd, waiting for your message

The app is mostly popular with younger audiences, mostly Gen Z.  This is why brands have been paying very close attention to TikTok.  The platform is built on music. It’s easy to pull a short audio clip into your own video, and it’s easy to take a song you hear in someone else’s video and pull it into your own as well. That’s what makes TikTok a place for truly viral music content, including dance challenges and lip-syncs.  Work your Hempworx message in here and you may retire early.

Don’t be discouraged by the young age of Tik Tok fans.  True, they haven’t experienced much of life, but they are still open to suggestion and have not yet decided on a career.  Show them how to earn money and you are a winner.

Naturally, if you are not already a member of my team in Hempworx, you will want to take my free tour and see if the business is for you.  Success is a choice, just waiting for people to say yes.




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