As you plan your marketing strategy, you have to realize that getting what you want is largely dependent on helping someone else get what they want.  I think it was Dale Carnegie that said help others become wealthy and you will become wealthy yourself.   When people see how your plan will help them, you are both on the same page.

Perhaps your goal is to get a new cbd oil customer or even better yet, an affiliate that will use as well as promote cbd to other people.  This will help your business grow.  If your prospect thinks you are trying to sell him something that he does not think he really  needs, he will likely decline your offer.  But, if instead, you ask “How would you like to earn up to $5,000 in the next 15 minutes?”  He will probably say yes.

If he went to public school, he may be skeptical and say something like “Sure, and how would I do that?”  You might pause for a second and then ask “How much money did you pay in taxes last year?”  He might moan with pain as he answers “way too much!”  Then you ask “What if I could show you how to earn that amount and get it in one single check all at once?  He grunts something like “yeah right.  I would be happy if I could get just get an extra $5000.”  Well, you need one more yes to close the deal.  If I could show you a guaranteed way where the possibility of failure does not even exist, and it’s perfectly legal, for you to get a check for five thousand dollars,  would you do what I tell you?

It might have been faster to just ask “Are you stupid or smart?”  If he says stupid then you might as well move on because you can’t fix stupid.  But if he answers “smart” than you simply say “Go to my landing page, sign up, buy product, get an auto-ship instigated, and then call Catherine McDonald, the accountant, and she will do all of the paperwork.

It really can be just that easy.  And here is why.  When the Founders of this great nation were writing the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper, they realized that Capitalism was God’s tool to make the new United States of America the greatest nation on earth in just a few short years.  The government would encourage all citizens to be self employed by starting a business, making a profit, and contributing to the economy as well as life in general.  The government would offer a grand incentive!  All of the business startup costs and expenditures for office, communication, manufacturing, distribution, travel, business related entertainment expense, utilities, etc. could be reimbursed by the government up to the amount of taxes you would have otherwise paid.  The citizens were ecstatic!  You mean the government will pay us to make money?  Absolutely.  And so it was.  And so it still is.

When a democrat says something stupid like “Trump’s secretary pays more taxes than he does!”  Just realize that if it were actually true, it would be because of capitalism and the tremendous incentive given to those with the will to succeed.  Tax deductions are a wonderful thing.  It allows a person to recover expenses, start and grow a business, and enter into a much higher tax bracket.

When a person becomes an affiliate of My Daily Choice, they become an independent business owner.  They are legally entitled to deduct the expenses of operating their business from their taxes.  If they have $5,000 in deductions, that is $5,000 that can be deducted from their taxes.  So there is the five thousand dollar check and it’s even from the United States Treasury.

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