Well, I found a money train and got on board. I have verified that it is the right vehicle and heading in the right direction. But it isn’t going fast enough. So I checked around the country and found out who does a real nice job of speeding the train up.

I talked to a guy named Ryan, in Phoenix. He knows how to do it and has done it before. He gave me some examples and suggested a few different strategies. He basically told me what I need to do to get the number of people I have in mind. We just entered seven years of prosperity and I intend to take advantage of it.

I scheduled a conference call next week when I can talk with the whole team at the same time. They are prepared to become my marketing department for a month or two, or more. If I had to hire these people full time, it would cost several thousand dollars each. This way, they do not work for me exclusively, but I get the full benefit of their knowledge and experience.

I am taking this new business venture seriously. I want to get some people earning some regular paychecks real soon. I’m ready for some success stories. So, when I talk with these folks next week, I am likely to give them the go ahead to get the ball rolling.

What I want to know from you people is if any of you are interested in sharing the load a little as well as the payback? Naturally, those in my team will get some people placed in their downline. But the real money comes when those people were sponsored by you, not just in your downline. So I am willing to share the rewards. I am going to make this work, one way or another. Those that help will get helped.

Some of the people that signed up under me did so because they thought they could sit on their ass and make some money. If you are looking for the free lunch counter, contact Hillary or Bernie. They have two types; welfare and jail. This ticket counter requires money and effort, but they are both leveraged BIG TIME.

If you want to participate in this project, the payout will be substantial. Send me a message and I will make it happen.

There is a lot more to it than a carefully worded blog, enticing web sites, search engine optimization, google analytics, youtube videos, facebook ad campaigns, etc.  Given time, I could do all of those things myself.  I want people that do it everyday for a living, that are current on trends and techniques.  I want pros.  And I want results.


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